Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second institution in the central executive branch of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the first institution being the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who has the title of head of state.


Under the constitution of the Third Republic, the government is composed of a cabinet of ministers, deputy-ministers (vice-ministers), and occasionally state-ministers (which is a senior personal honorific title). The number of these ministers vary from one government to the next.

The cabinet is headed by the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as the head of government, appointed by the President, from the political party, the group or the coalition that holds the majority of seats in the National Assembly.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the cabinet is more commonly simply referred to as "The Government".

The government is the effective executive arm of the state, in charge of all the country's central administration, in all the domains reserved to the central government by the constitution, and in all the domains in which the central government has concurrent jurisdiction with the provinces.

The government is accountable to the Parliament. Any individual member of the government, as well the entire government, can be censored by its lower-chamber, the National Assembly, through the vote of a motion of censure, or a motion of no-confidence. When the Prime minister is censored, the entire government resigns. [ [ Constitution of the DRC] , "Wikisource", accessed on 2007-02-12]

Current government

The current government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo stems from the democratic 2006 general elections, that marked the beginning of the third republic, and the installation of all the institutions called for by the constitution.

The current government is referred to as the "Gizenga cabinet", or the "Gizenga government", under the leadership of Prime minister Antoine Gizenga. Thirty-seven days after the appointment of Prime minister Gizenga, his coalition cabinet was appointed by President Joseph Kabila, by executive order number 07/001, on February 5, 2007. It is the first government of the Third Republic, and it is composed of 60 members, including 9 women.

The government is composed of 6 ministers of state, 34 ministers and 20 deputy-ministers.

One position is brand new, that of deputy-minister for Non-resident Congolese citizens.

Prime Minister

* Prime Minister : Antoine Gizenga (PALU)

Ministers of State

* Agriculture : François-Joseph Mobutu Nzanga Ngbangawe (UDEMO)
* Interior, decentralization and homeland security : Denis Kalume Numbi (PPRD)
* Foreign affairs and international cooperation : Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi (RCD-K-ML/Forces for Renewal)
* Higher and academic education : Sylvain Ngabu Chumbu (PALU)
* Infrastructure, public works and rebuilding : Pierre Lumbi Okongo (MSR)
* State minister to the presidency : Nkulu Mitumba Kilombo (PPRD)


* Minister to the Prime minister : Godefroid Mayobo Mpwene Ngantien (PALU)
* Land affairs : Liliane Pande Muaba (CODECO)
* Humanitarian affairs : Jean-Claude Muyambo Kyassa. (CODECO)
* Social affairs and national solidarity : Martin Bitijula Mahimba (MSR)
* Budget : Adolphe Muzito (PALU)
* Foreign trade : Kasongo Ilunga (UNAFEC)
* Women affairs : Philomène Omatuku Atshakawo Akatshi (PPRD)
* Culture and Art : Marcel Malenso Ndodila (ACDC)
* National defence and veteran affairs : Chikez Diemu (PPRD)
* Rural development : Charles Mwando Nsimba (UNADEF)
* Human rights : Eugène Lokwa Ilwaloma(MSR)
* Economy : Sylvain Joël Bifuila Tshamuala (PANU)
* Energy : Salomon Banamuhere Baliene (PPRD)
* Elementary, Secondary and professional education : Maker Mwangu Famba (PPRD)
* Environment : Didace Pembe Bokiaga (PDC)
* Finance : Athanase Matenda Kyelu (Indépendant)
* Civil service : Zéphyrin Mutu Diambu-di-Lusala Nieva (MSR)
* Hydrocarbures : Lambert Mende Omalanga (CCU)
* Industry : Simon Mboso Kiamputu (ARC/Forces du Renouveau)
* Information, Press and communication : Toussaint Tshilombo Send
* Regional integration : Ignace Gata Mavinga (PPRD)
* Youth and Sports : Pardonne Kaliba Mulanga (PRM)
* Justice : Georges Minsay Booka (PALU)
* Mining : Martin Kabwelulu Labilo (PALU)
* Petites et moyennes entreprises : Jean François Ekofo Panzoko (UDEMO)
* Plannification : Olivier Kamitatu Etsu (ARC/Forces for Renewal)
* Portfolio : Jeannine Mabunda Lioko Mudiayi (PPRD)
* Postes, telephones and telecommunications : Kyamusoke Bamusulanga Nta-Bote (PPRD)
* Scientific research : Sylvanus Mushi Bonane (UPRDI)
* Public health : Victor Makwenge Kaput (PPRD)
* Tourism : Elias Kakule Mbahingana (DCF/COFEDEC)
* Transportation, roads and ports: Remy Henri Kuseyo Gatanga (PPRD)
* Labor and Social Security : Marie-Ange Lukiana Mufwankol (PPRD)
* Urbanism and housing : Laurent-Simon Ikenge Lisambola (MSR)


* Foreign affairs : Alain Lubamba wa Lubamba (UDEMO)
* Agriculture : Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka (PPRD)
* Veteran affairs : Yvonne Iyamulemye Kabano (PANADI)
* Budget : Célestin Mbuyu Kabango (PPRD)
* Non-Resident Congolese : Colette Tshomba Ntundu (Forces du Renouveau)
* National defence : Nelson Paluku Syayipuma (RCD-K-ML/Forces du Renouveau)
* Energy : Arthur Sedea Ngamo Zabusu (PDC)
* Elementary, Secondary and professional education : Modeste Omba Sakatolo (UNAFEC)
* Higher and academic education : Marie-Madeleine Mienze Kiaku (PPRD)
* Finance : Hangi Binini (MSR)
* Civil Service : Vincent Okoyo Nembe. (RCD-K-ML/Forces du Renouveau)
* Intérieur : Joseph-Davel Mpango Okundo (PALU)
* Justice : Odette Kalinda Mitumbala Odya (PPRD)
* Mines : Victor Kasongo Shomary (PPRD)
* Plan : Ferdinand Essambo Lukye (PPRD)
* Santé publique : Ferdinand Ntua Osiamba (CODECO)
* Homeland security : Daruwezi Mokombe (PPRD)
* Transportation : Laure Marie Kawanda Kayena (PALU)
* Labor and social security : Télésphore Tsakala Munikengi (CODECO)
* Public works : Gervais Ntirumenyerwa Kimonyo (PANADI)

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