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type=Country code top-level domain
registry=NIC Argentina
sponsor=Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina
intendeduse=Entities connected with flag|Argentina
actualuse=Very popular in Argentina
restrictions=Must have contact with address in Argentina, but registrant may be foreign; some subdomains have particular restrictions
structure=Registrations are at third level beneath second level labels
document= [http://infoleg.mecon.gov.ar/infolegInternet/anexos/60000-64999/64151/norma.htm Government resolution on domain registration]
website= [http://www.nic.ar/ NIC Argentina] |

.ar is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Argentina. It is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.

All Argentine domains must be third-level-domains under:

*.com.ar (general purpose)
*.edu.ar (educational entities)
*.gob.ar (government entities, homonym for .gov.ar) [http://www.nic.ar/faqgob.html]
*.gov.ar (government entities)
*.int.ar (international organizations)
*.mil.ar (military forces)
*.net.ar (locally based ISPs)
*.org.ar (non-profit organizations)
*.tur.ar (tourism agencies officially registered)

Although there are some exceptions, all of them belonging to public and governmental organizations:
* [http://www.argentina.ar argentina.ar]
* [http://www.educ.ar educ.ar]
* [http://www.gobiernoelectronico.ar gobiernoelectronico.ar]
* [http://www.nic.ar nic.ar]
* [http://www.promocion.ar promocion.ar]
* [http://www.retina.ar retina.ar]
* [http://www.uba.ar uba.ar]

External links

* [http://www.nic.ar NIC Argentina]
* [http://www.nic.ar/puntotur.html Resolution N° 904/2008 about Tur.ar domains]
* [http://www.iana.org/root-whois/ar.htm IANA .ar whois information]
* NameAction ( [http://www.nameaction.net website] ) Local Presence for foreign registrants-to-be of "com.ar" domains.
* [http://www.marcaria.com/News/Domain_articles_argentina.htm Requirements for .com.ar domain registration]

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