Prsnigarbha is the Avatar who appeared before Dhruva.He created the planet known as Dhruvaloka for the habitation of Dhruva .


Prajapati Sutapa and his wife Prsni worshipped Vishnu with such devotion that Mahavishnu Himself appeared before them for granting boon. In their over enthusiasm they asked thrice "We need a son equivalent to you". Mahavishnu told them that He Himself will be born as their son in three different "janmas" (birth) and in all the three janmas you will get the vigraha given to you by Brahma.

In the first janma in Satya Yuga, Mahavishnu was born as Prsnigarba, as son of Sutapa and Prsni. Prsnigarba instructed the world the importance of Brahmacharya.

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