Maro may refer to:

  • A male name emanating from the Republic of Ragusa (today city of Dubrovnik in Croatia) often used by noble families, such as:
    • Lucijan Toma Natal Maro Frano Pucic (House of Pucić)
    • Maro Bona (old noble family from Dubrovnik)
    • Maro Joković (Croatian team waterpolo player from Dubrovnik)
    • Maro Coric (Canadian Lawyer from Dubrovnik)
  • A Tahitian men's loin-cloth, now more commonly referred to as a pareo or pareu.
  • Maro or Maron, in Greek mythology he raised Dionysus as an infant. Later, he became a priest of Apollo.
  • Maro (spider)
  • Maro River (Merauke Regency, Indonesia)
  • Virgil as he is sometimes referred to in English Renaissance literature
  • Another name for Saint Maron.
  • Maro (Armenian female name, short for Mary)
  • Maro (Also MaRo) is the nickname for longtime Magic: The Gathering card designer Mark Rosewater. The truncated version of his name is both a card and a common shorthand around the Magic playing community. "Maro" cards (of which there are eight as of Time Spiral) reference the number of cards in players' hands and grow more powerful the more there are.
  • Maro (Black Cat), a fictional sumo wrestler
  • Another form of the female name Maria in Greek

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