Altair (disambiguation)

Altair (disambiguation)

Altair is a star in the Aquila constellation.

Altair may also refer to:

Transport vessels

* Altair (spacecraft), a lunar lander
* USS Altair (AD-11), a ship of the United States Navy
* Lockheed Altair, an aircraft
* "Altair", a schooner designed by William Fife


* Altair (satellite), a series of Russian relay satellites
* Altair 8800, a microcomputer
* Altair Engineering, a software company
* X-248 Altair, a rocket engine used in several anti-satellite weapons
* Altair Semiconductor, a WiMAX supplier


* Altair, São Paulo, a city in Brazil
* Jabal al-Tair Island, an island in the Red Sea



* Altair ("Stargate"), a planet in the "Stargate" universe
* Altair IV, a planet in the film "Forbidden Planet"
* Altair III, a planet in the play "Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure"
* Altair, a town in the video game "Final Fantasy II"


* Altaïr, a character in the "Assassin's Creed" video game series
* Altair, a character in the video game "Bomberman 64"
* Altair the Black Knight, a character in the anime series "Gear Fighter Dendoh"
* Ratchet Altair, a character in the "Sakura Wars" universe
* A form taken by the Japanese television character Kamen Rider Zeronos

Other meanings

* Operation ALTAIR, a Canadian military operation
* Altair, a planet central to the New Age spiritual beliefs of Francis Younghusband
* "Altair 4," a song by Blind Guardian on the album "Tales from the Twilight World"

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