CLA is a three-letter abbreviation that may mean:

* California Library Association
* Canadian Lacrosse Association
* Canadian Library Association
* Caprivi Liberation Army
* Carry Look-Ahead Adder
* Causal layered analysis
* Cavity Length Analysis
* Child Language Acquisition
* Chris Lord-Alge
* Christian Law Association
* Cigarette Lighter Adapter
* Civil Liberties Association, especially:
** Canadian Civil Liberties Association
* Clandon railway station, Surrey, England; station code CLA
* Claremont (Amtrak station), New Hampshire, United States; Amtrak station code CLA
* Classroom/Laboratory/Administration building (CLA building) a 183,000-square-foot building in the Cal Poly Pomona campus.
* Clean, lubricate, adjust: standard procedure for camera and lens maintenance
* Clutterers Anonymous
* Collective Labor Agreement
* Colorado Leadership Alliance
* Command Line Arguments
* Computer Law Association
* Conjugated linoleic acid (a naturally occurring trans fat in the human diet; also a dietary supplement)
* Contributor License Agreement
* Country Land and Business Association (formerly the Country Landowners' Association)
* Cuban Liberator Army
* Company Leased Accommodation (India)
*College of Liberal Arts

People with the name Cla:
* Cla Meredith (baseball), relief pitcher for the San Diego Padres

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