Vishva Shakti Durga Mandir

Vishva Shakti Durga Mandir

Vishva Shakti Durga Mandir Association (VSDMA) was incorporated in 1997 as a non-profit organization to promote religious, social, and cultural activities of Indo-Canadians in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. Vishva Shakti Durga Mandir is the newest temple in Ottawa-capital city region of Canada. It is located on 55 Clarey Av. in Glebe area off Bank Street. Devi Durga Puja is held there every day but special Sunday services are held from 10.30 AM to 1 PM.

The main purpose of this Hindu temple is to promote Hinduism in Canada and Eastern Ontario. it's membership and congregation is growing day by day.Vishva Shakti Durga Mandir Association strives to achieve the following objectives.Religious Goal: To cater to the religious needs of the community in accordance with traditional Hindu philosophy. Cultural Goal: To cultivate a better understanding of Indian culture and heritage for coming generationsSocial Goal: To promote social activities leading to social cohesion and human betterment.Educational Goal: To promote the learning of Indian Languages, leading to a better understanding of the Indian Literature and philosophies.

A brief historical background: Mata devotees, Mrs. Leena Shukla and the late Mrs. Rama Juneja, originally conceived the idea of having a Durga Mandir in the National Capital Region of Canada. Thus they became the two founding members of this temple. Inspired by their dedicated efforts, Mr. Surinder Sumra joined them and became a co-founder after a few months. The name Vishva Shakti Durga Mandir Association(VSDMA)for the temple was suggested by Maharaj ji of India.

Pandit Ravindra Narain Panday ji was approached by the members and requested to accept the reins of the temple’s priesthood. Pandit ji brought on the needed impetus and initiated the performing of various services in mid-December, 1997. These included regular Sunday services, other required services as well as services at devotee’s homes. The Community Center at Bellman Street remained the initial temporary location until May of 1998.

With the expanding membership, the temple found a more suitable location in the Community Center at the corner of Bank Street and Riverside Drive, and moved there in June of 1998. Due to ongoing renovations at the center, the temple had to move once again to yet another Community Center on Somerset Street East. The relentless efforts of the devotees finally succeeded in finding a permanent home for the temple at its present location, 55 Clary Avenue, where the devotees reshaped an old church into a vibrant temple in September 2005. During the following year, the auspicious Sthapana of the Moorties of Maa Durga and Shiv Ling took place. Despite several moves and temporary locations, the services were never interrupted.

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