Manuel Aznar Acedo

Manuel Aznar Acedo

Manuel Aznar y Acedo (Bilbao, 1916 – 12 January 2001) was a Spanish journalist and radio broadcaster.

He was the son of Manuel Aznar Zubigaray and father of José María Aznar López.

He was a member of the falangist movement and served during the Spanish Civil War as an officer in charge of propaganda for the Spanish Nationalist army. After the war, he worked for Cadena SER (1942-1962) and Radio Nacional de España (1962-1965) and was appointed co-director of the department of radio broadcasting for the ministry of information and tourism (1964-1967). He also founded the newspapers Hoja Oficial de Alicante, Avance and Levante. In 1967, he became the first director of the Escuela Oficial de Radiodifusión y Televisión, the official school of radio and television broadcasting.

He was married to Elvira López y Valdivieso and had four children:

  • Manuel Aznar y López
  • María de las Mercedes Aznar y López
  • Elvira Aznar y López
  • José María Alfredo Aznar y López