See No Evil (NCIS)

See No Evil (NCIS)

Infobox Television episode
Title = See No Evil
Colour =
Series = NCIS
Season = 2
Episode = 1

Airdate = 28 September 2004
Production = 2x01
Writer = Chris Crowe
Director =Thomas J. Wright
Guests = Abigail Breslin as Sandy Waston
Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer
David Keith as Capt. Mike Watson
Season list = Infobox NCIS season 2 episode list
Episode list = Episode chronology
Prev = Reveille
Next = The Good Wives Club

See No Evil is the 1st episode of the second season of the television series "NCIS".


Sandy Watson, an eight year old blind pianist prodigy and her mother are told that Captain Mike Watson, husband and father, has been injured in an accident and they must come to see him. However, Captain Watson arrives at his office to receive a message that his family has been kidnapped, and that unless he transfers $2 million dollars to an offshore account his wife and daughter will be killed. Watson manages to get a written message to his secretary, who contacts NCIS for help.

NCIS headquarters suffers from a malfunctioning air conditioning, the temperature at nearly 100 degrees. McGee has not yet returned to Norfolk, as he is helping to rewire the computer network in the absence of the workers who refuse to operate until the air conditioning has been fixed. Gibbs commends McGee on his thinking, commenting that it could lead to a promotion.

After receiving Watson's message, Gibbs, disguised in his Gunnery Sergeant uniform, enters Watson's office under the pretense of delivering request forms and plants both a microphone and camera in the office, giving NCIS ears and eyes on the case. Kate and McGee visit the Watson residence and find no signs of forced entry, concluding that the Watsons must have either known their abductor or been lured away by false pretences. Watson meanwhile attempts to collect the ransom money, working slowly as he is unable to transfer more than $10,000 from accounts at a time without being noticed. In order to talk directly to the Captain, DiNozzo enters Watson's office disguised as a Chinese food delivery man, slipping him an ear-microphone with his food. The kidnapper, watching from Watson's webcam, demands to see the food and, satisfied, laughs and tells Watson to enjoy. Gibbs tells Watson to demand that the kidnapper release his daughter as a good faith gesture, and after threatening to puncture her eardrums and render her not only blind but deaf as well, the kidnapper agrees and leaves her at a trainstation, alone. Kate and DiNozzo find her and bring her back to NCIS headquarters.

Abby and McGee attempt to hack into Watson's computer as the kidnapper has done, but just when they are successful Abby's computer overheats due to the high temperatures. They set up shop in the only cool place left in the building: the morgue. Ducky and Palmer are still at work on their human jigsaw puzzle, piecing together the chopped up remains of what they once assumed was one and now believe to be two people left in a vat of alcohol. Ducky discovers a third left ear and realizes that they are in fact dealing with the remains of three. Abby and McGee set up their computers on a cold slab and reconnect to Watson's computer. Meanwhile Ducky attends to Sandy, and as a reward for her bravery offers her a hershey's candy bar, which she identifies by smell alone. The rest of the NCIS team does not believe that a blind eight year old can tell them anything useful, but Ducky demonstrates her mastery of her remaining senses by asking her a whispered question from across the room, to which she replies. DiNozzo recovers prints from Sandy's barettes, and uses them to identify the kidnapper as Kyle Grayson, who was imprisoned for 6 years party due to the help of Watson. The NCIS team realizes that Grayson does not plan to release Watson's wife once he gets the money. Sandy offers her help.

In the morgue, Sandy asks Abby if she can isolate any hertz she wants, and when Abby is impressed Sandy tells the team that she knows the hertz for every key in the piano--her mother says she's half bat. Abby comments that she loves bats, and Sandy agrees, telling Abby that she likes her voice--"it's gravelly." Sandy manages to identify birds on a high frequency on previously recorded footage, impressing Kate. However, Kate does not want to subject Sandy to listening to live footage, and tries to argue Gibbs out of the idea. Sandy overhears them and says that she can take it, that she wants to help her mother. Gibbs gives Sandy an honorary NCIS badge. Listening to the live footage Sandy identifies the sound of a train passing, and manages to pinpoint the exact time that it passes. Using this information the team is able to determine Grayson's location, and they race to the spot while McGee attempts to make Watson stall for a few minutes longer. Watson refuses, and begins to transfer the $2 million to the specified offshore account in Beijing. McGee and Abby manage to tag the money, and just as Grayson is about to kill Watson's wife, McGee distracts him by stating over the microphone that the FBI has him surrounded. Grayson attempts to escape with Mrs. Watson as Gibbs, Kate and DiNozzo arrive. Gibbs goes around to head him off while Kate and DiNozzo enter the abandoned boxcar where he is located. Grayson threatens to kill Mrs. Watson if they come any closer, stating that he knows how the FBI operates. As he begins to make demands, Gibbs appears above him through a trapdoor, stating, "We're not the FBI, dirtbag."

Sandy, Captain Watson and his wife are reunited. They thank Gibbs, who says to thank "Special Agent Watson" (Sandy), saying that they couldn't have done it without her. With Grayson in custody, Gibbs and DiNozzo inform Kate that Grayson most likely does not know who hired him, and that they don't know how to find the money. However, McGee and Abby's tracking programs follow the money around Europe as it travels from country to country, until it finally comes straight back to Washington D.C. At the bank, Gibbs and team ambush Captain Watson, the orchestrator of the entire plan. Kate does not understand how Watson could put his own family through such an ordeal. Watson professes that no one was supposed to get hurt, and as he begins to explain how much he needed the money Gibbs shoves him against the wall, outraged that he would attempt to give a reason for throwing away everything he had.

Back at NCIS headquarters, McGee prepares to return to Norfolk. Before he can leave, Gibbs enters, presenting him with good news and bad news: he has been promoted to a full-time field agent--and now belongs to Gibbs. Ecstatic, McGee asks Kate and DiNozzo if, now that he is one of them, the hazing will now end. Kate and DiNozzo assure him that it will, smiling, and then both slap his head simultaneously. As they settle into their desks, the air conditioner cycles on. As the members of his team celebrate the cool air, Gibbs sits at his desk sipping his coffee and smiles.

Production notes

* When the team head to the abandoned train maintenance yard, the footage of the sedan screaming around corners and pulling up is reused from the episode "The Truth is Out There", although one of the camera angles is slightly different.


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