Green (disambiguation)

Green (disambiguation)

Green is a colour.

Green may also refer to:


*Green (name), a family name and a given name


*Village green, common land at the centre of a community
*Putting green, a finely-cut grassed area at the end of golf fairway


*Green politics, a political ideology that places importance on ecological and environmentalist goals
*Green party, a formally organized political party based on the principles of Green politics

Place names

In the United States:
*Green, California, in Yolo County
*Green, Kansas
*Green, Ohio


*Green's function, a type of mathematical function, developed by British mathematician George Green in the 1830s


*"Green" (album), a 1988 album by R.E.M.
*"Green" (B'z album)
*"Green" (Ray LaMontagne album)
*"Green" (Steve Hillage album), a 1978 album by Steve Hillage
*Green (band), a Chicago band
* Green Day, a california punk band

Fictional characters

*Green (Gunstar Heroes), a character in the video game "Gunstar Heroes"
*Green (Pokémon character), a character in Pokémon Adventures
*Mr. Green or Reverend Green, a character in the game "Cluedo" or "Clue"

ynonyms and slang

*Inexperience and youth

Other uses

*H. L. Green, formerly a chain of stores

ee also

*Greene (disambiguation)
*Grün (disambiguation)
*Grin (disambiguation)

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