Susuami language

Susuami language

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region=Upper Watut valley, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea
speakers=10 Ethnologue report] (2000)
fam2=Trans-New Guinea
fam3=Angan family
fam4=Angan proper
fam5=Group B
The Susuami language is a heavily endangered Papuan language, spoken in the resettlement village of Manki along the upper Watut River, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. In 1980 it was estimated at 50 speakers, and faced competition from the several other languages spoken in the village, including distantly-related Hamtai and Angaataha, as well as the usual use of Tok Pisin with outsiders.

In 1990 the estimated speakers was a dozen, and children were not learning the language, including the child of the only couple in the village who were both native speakers. Its continued survival is unlikely.


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