Euthalia telchinia

Euthalia telchinia

name = Blue Baron

image_width = 200px
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Insecta
ordo = Lepidoptera
familia = Nymphalidae
subfamilia = Limenitidinae
genus = "Euthalia"
species = "E. telchinia "
binomial = "Euthalia telchinia "
binomial_authority = (Ménétriés, 1857)
The Blue Baron ("Euthalia telchinia ") is a species of nymphalid butterfly found in South Asia and Southeast Asia.


Fore wing: costa strongly arched, not falcate below apex, which is slightly truncate; termen slightly concave, tornus rounded but very distinct, dorsum straight. Hind wing broadly pear-shaped, the costa, apex and termen roundly curved ; tornus slightly produced; dorsum arched, slightly emarginate above tornus.

Male has the upperside dark velvety brown. Fore wing : basal area, cell and wing beyond apex of latter crossed by broad, short, paler brown bars, and a pale brown pre-apical patch. Hind wing uniform. Fore and hind wings with a brilliant metallic blue terminal band, commencing just above the tornus on the fore and gradually widening to the tornus on the hind wing. Underside rich fuliginous brown, basal area below the cell of the fore and basal area of the hind wing with loop-like black markings ; cellular area of fore wing crossed by five transverse, short, sinuous, black lines ; both fore and hind wing with broad, lunular, very obscure, dark discal broad and postdiscal narrow transverse bands.

The female resembles the female of "Euthalia cocytus" but apart from the difference in the shape of the fore wing the ground-colour on the upperside is a darker brown ; there are five not four dingy white discal spots, the upper two and the lower two subequal; the inwardly oblique postdiscal dark band very diffuse and much broader. The underside is of a much paler ochraceous, but the markings are similar, Antennae, head, thorax and abdomen dark brown in both sexes ; beneath in the male pale brownish, in the female ochraceous. [Bingham, C. T. 1905. Fauna of British India. Butterflies. Vol. 1]


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