Tainaron (novel)

Tainaron (novel)

infobox Book |
name = Tainaron: Mail from Another City
title_orig = Tainaron: Postia toisesta kaupungista

image_caption =
author = Leena Krohn
cover_artist =
country = Finland
language = Finnish
publisher = WSOY
pub_date = 1985
english_pub_date = 2004
media_type = Print (Hardback & Paperback)
pages = 126 (1st Finnish edition)
isbn = ISBN 951-0-13063-X

"Tainaron: Mail From Another City" (orig. fin. "Tainaron: Postia toisesta kaupungista") is a science fiction/fantasy novel written in 1985 by Finnish author Leena Krohn. The book is regarded as the author's breakthrough novel [cite web
url = http://www.hs.fi/kirjat/artikkeli/Y%C3%B6ajatuksia+kuoleman+markkinoilla/HS20040926SI1KU02iue
title = Yöajatuksia kuoleman markkinoilla |accessdate = 2007-08-28 |author = Pirjo Lyytikäinen |date = 2004-09-26 |format = HTML |language = Finnish
] . "Tainaron" was nominated for the Finlandia Prize in 1985 [cite web |url = http://www.skyry.net/s_palkinnot.htm |title = Finlandia-palkinto |accessdate = 2007-08-28 |author = Finnish Book Foundation |format = HTML
language = Finnish
] , The Nordic Council Literature Prize in 1988 [cite web |url = http://www.norden.org/nr/pris/lit_pris/uk/arkiv.asp?lang=&p_id=544 |title = The Nordic Council Literature Prize |accessdate = 2007-08-29 |date = 2007-08-07 |format = HTML |publisher = Nordic Council ] , World Fantasy Award [cite web |url = http://www.worldfantasy.org/awards/2005.html |title = 2005 World Fantasy Award Winners & Nominees |accessdate = 2007-08-29 |format = HTML |publisher = World Fantasy Convention] and International Horror Guild Award in 2005 [cite web |url = http://www.horroraward.org/prevrec.html#2004 |title = IHG Award Recipients |accessdate = 2007-08-29 |format = HTML |publisher = International Horror Guild ] . It won Thanks for the Book Award in 1986 [cite web |url = http://www.kirjakauppaliitto.fi/?doc=34 |title = Kirja-alan palkinnot |accessdate = 2007-08-29 |format = HTML |publisher = The Organization of the Booksellers' Association of Finland |language = Finnish ] .

"Tainaron" consists of 30 letters sent beyond the sea from a city of insects.

Reviewed in glowing terms by [http://www.sfsite.com/03b/ta196.htm Mathhew Cheney] , [http://www.locusmag.com/2005/Features/01_VanderMeer_BestOf2004.html Jeff VanderMeer best of 2004] , the writing has been described as "lyrical and deep, metaphysical, philosophical, poetic". ISBN 1930997825


* English (2004): "Tainaron: Mail from Another City", translator Hildi Hawkins, publisher Prime Books
* Estonian (1994): "Tainaron: Posti teisest linnast", translator Ele Süvalep, publisher Aniara Kirjastus
* Hungarian (1992): "Tainaron", translator Csilla Varga, publisher Európa. Part of compilation "Káin leánya: Mai finn kisregények"
* Japanese (2002): , translator Hiroko Suenobu, publisher Shinhyoron Publishing
* Latvian (1998): "Tainara: Vestules no citas pilsetas", translator Ingrida Peldekse, publisher Preses nams
* Swedish (1987): "Tainaron: Brev från en annan stad", translator Thomas Warburton, publisher Fripress Bokförlag


External links

* [http://www.kaapeli.fi/krohn/ Author's website]
* [http://www.jus.uio.no/sisu/tainaron.leena_krohn.1998/sisu_manifest.html Tainaron] available online in multiple formats

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