Hatful of Rain (album)

Hatful of Rain (album)

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Name = Hatful of Rain
Type = compilation
Artist = Del Amitri

Released = September, 1998
Recorded =
Genre = AC Rock
Length =
Label = A&M Records
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Last album = "Some Other Sucker's Parade"
This album = "Hatful of Rain"
Next album = "Lousy with Love"

"Hatful of Rain" is the fifth album by Del Amitri, released in September, 1998. It is a compilation of their greatest hits.


The single "Don't Come Home Too Soon" was the Official Team Scotland Song for World Cup '98. [ [http://www.delamitri.com/articles/printmedia/timeslondon1.html the official D E L A M I T R I homepage v2.0 - article ] ]

Track listing

#"Cry to Be Found"
#"Roll to Me"
#"Kiss This Thing Goodbye"
#"Not Where It's At"
#"Nothing Ever Happens"
#"Always the Last to Know"
#"Here and Now"
#"Just Like a Man"
#"Spit In the Rain"
#"When You Were Young"
#"Driving With the Brakes On"
#"Stone Cold Sober"
#"Tell Her This"
#"Move Away Jimmy Blue"
#"Be My Downfall"
#"Some Other Sucker's Parade"
#"Don't Come Home Too Soon"

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* [http://www.delamitri.com Official Del Amitri homepage]


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