The Royal Mess

The Royal Mess

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name = The Royal Mess
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author = MaryJanice Davidson
cover_artist =
country = United States
language = English
series = The Alaskan Royal series
genre = Romance novel
publisher = Brava
release_date = September 2007
media_type = Print (Paperback)
pages = ? p. (Brava edition)
isbn = ISBN ? (Brava edition)
preceded_by = The Royal Pain
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"The Royal Mess" is a romance novel by MaryJanice Davidson and the last in the Alaskan Royal series.

Plot summary

After the death of her mother, Nicole Krenski discovers that she is the bastard daughter of the king of Alaska. In her will, her mother requests that Nicole send her father a letter explaining who she really is. Nichole complies with this request and is greeted at her work by various members of the royal family, including the Big Al, David, and Christina. Nicole gives in and goes to the Baranov castle where she is given a DNA test (proving she is the eldest daughter to Big Al) and her own room. She then falls in love with Jeffery Rodinov, who is her bodyguard. Nicole forms a bond with her youngest brother, Nicky, and he reveals that he is not his father's biological son. They decide to keep it a secret, since it would make a difference to Big Al. At dinner, it is announced that Big Al is sleeping with his biographer, Alexandra is pregnant, Nicole and Jeffery are engaged, and suggested that Christina is pregnant as well.

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