Polaris (disambiguation)

Polaris (disambiguation)

In astronomy, Polaris is a star more commonly known as the North Star.

Polaris may also mean:


*Polaris Australis, a star that is currently the South Star, Sigma Octantis


* Polaris Award, a recognition given by IFALPA to airline crews for acts of exceptional airmanship or heroism
*Polaris Fashion Place, a mall in Columbus, Ohio
*Polaris Industries, manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles (ATV), snowmobiles, Ranger utility vehicles, and other offroad vehicles as well as Victory brand motorcycles
*Polaris Mine, the most poleward base-metal mine in the world located at Little Cornwallis Island
*Polaris Software Lab, an Indian financial software company


*Polaris (poker bot), artificial intelligence program developed to play Texas Hold'em variant of poker
*Polaris operating system, a PowerPC port of the Solaris Operating System
*Polaris experimental 80-core chip from Intel Corporation
*POLARIS database, Province of Ontario Land Registration Information System, managed by Teranet
*HP Polaris, a system for running Microsoft Windows applications with limited authority
*The codename for version 11 of the Windows Media Player, released in 2006


* Polaris (Convention), an annual science fiction convention held in Toronto, Canada
* Polaris Amphitheater, former name for Germain Amphitheater


*Polaris (comics), a superheroine in Marvel Comics
*Doctor Polaris, a fictional villain from DC Comics
*"Polaris" (short story), by H. P. Lovecraft
*Polaris (novel), a science fiction novel by Jack McDevitt


*Polaris (band)
* "Polaris", a song by the rock band Jimmy Eat World, taken from the album Futures
* "Rust in Peace...Polaris", a song from the "Rust in Peace" album by thrash metal band Megadeth and a reference to the UGM-27 Polaris nuclear missile
* Polaris (album), is an album by South Korean singer Kangta
* Polaris (song), is a song by the British band Ash, taken from their album Twilight of the Innocents
* Polaris Music Prize, a music award annually given to the best full-length Canadian album based on artistic merit, regardless of genre, sales, or record label.
* Tears from Polaris (song), is a song sung by Nicholas Teo in the Taiwanese drama, Smiling Pasta
*"Polaris" is a song from the album "Nocturne" by metalcore band "The Human Abstract"


*"Polaris" (arcade game)
*Polaris (role-playing game), several role-playing games
*Tears of Polaris, a science fiction MUD under development by Iron Realms entertainment

Weapons and Ships

*"Polaris" (ship), ship of Charles Francis Hall's third Arctic expedition
*USS Polaris (AF-11), a Type C2 standard freighter of the WWII "Liberty fleet"
*UGM-27 Polaris ballistic missile
*CC-150 Polaris, a Canadian military transport plane derived from Airbus A310


*Operation Stella Polaris, Finnish radio intelligence

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