Alpha Mom (TV)

Alpha Mom (TV)

"Alpha Mom" is a 2006 television show about a working mom who is trying to balance her job, children and her stay-at-home husband.

There is an Alpha Mom cable channel and website and a television pilot titled "Alphamom" slated for NBC's 2006-07 season. [ [ AlphaMom] ""]

The term Alpha Mom was used in 2004 by the branding artist and Designer Constance Van Flandern in development of the Comcast On-Demand Television Network originally slated as "The Mommy Channel". While promoting the Alpha Mom Channel, Isabel Kallman, a new mom herself, began to be identified as "the" Alpha Mom. The June 20, 2005 issue of New York Magazine magnified this perception with a cover story on Alpha Mom Television and Isabel Kallman. [ [ Empire of the Alpha Mom] Randall Patterson ""]

The term Alpha Mom was cited in a 2006 issue of Advertising Age Magazine as a "trend to watch in 2007".


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