Sasha Valentine

Sasha Valentine

Infobox soap character
series =Hollyoaks

name=Sasha Valentine
portrayer=Nathalie Emmanuel
born=3 March 1991
occupation=Sixth Form Student
Diane Valentine
siblings= Calvin,
Danny (half brother),
Lauren (half sister)
romances= First love: Justin Burton
Boyfriend: Fletch
Lover: Nige

Sasha Valentine is a fictional character on the long-running British Channel 4 television soap opera "Hollyoaks".

She is played by actress Nathalie Emmanuel.

Character history

Sasha arrived in town with her brothers Sonny and Calvin and her mother Diane. Sasha was close to her mother, and was very upset when Diane was run over by Jake Dean. Making matters more complicated, Sasha, Calvin, and Sonny's deadbeat dad Leo showed up soon after Diane's death and moved into their home. Sasha had a difficult time accepting him and dealing with the loss of her mother.

Relationship with Justin Burton

Sasha was the only one to remember her late mother's birthday, so she went to her graveside with Justin Burton, who she had a small soft spot for. At the time Justin was at a low point because he had accused his ex-girlfriend Becca Dean of seducing him when he was a minor, and he was living in the Valentine home because of his friendship with Sonny. He spent most of his time smoking dope, and offered her some, which she refused. She then covered for him by telling Calvin she was the one who was smoking, which led to some conflict between brother and sister. She tried to win over Justin's favour by waiting for him in Sonny's bedroom while Sonny was out. When Justin came in nothing happened between them because he said it was too soon after Becca. However, after Becca was sent to prison, Justin slept with Sasha. She had feelings for him, even stuffing her top and going to the Loft (where he worked) to try to win him over, but he repeatedly told her she was too young and they couldn't do anything else. She soon stopped trying and they settled into a friendship.

Friends & Family Problems

Sasha also knew that her friend Amy Barnes was secretly pregnant, but thought that she had gone through with an abortion. It wasn't until Amy missed a week of school, came back and told everyone she had a new baby sister that Sasha guessed that Amy hadn't gone through with the abortion and is the real mother of little Leah. Sasha was irritated by the relationship between brother Sonny and best friend Michaela McQueen but was saddened when Sonny left home to live with his aunt.

She did not get on with her brother Calvin's girlfriend, Louise Summers, when she first moved in and they often argued, but after Louise discovered she was pregnant, Sasha became a lot more friendly and supportive towards Louise. However, this changed when Louise's secret abortion became public knowledge and Sasha launched a personal vendetta against Louise, convinced she is the one guilty of pushing Clare Cunningham. Eventually, the real pusher was revealed to be Justin, but by that time Sasha had little interaction with Justin or Louise.

Sasha has recently gone on holiday with Michaela after Michaela sold Amy's pregnancy story to a magazine. When they returned, Sasha became aware of what had happened, as it had resulted in Amy's mother Kathy kidnapping Leah because she was engrossed in believing she was her own daughter. Sasha had to help the two reconcile their difference and make them recognise their friendship was more important.

Sasha achieved straight A's in her GCSE exams, and around this time developed a crush on Fletch. Michaela was also interested in him, and seduced him when he came over to her house. Sasha went out with him the next day, and would have taken the relationship further if Michaela had not walked in, telling them that she slept with him. She then dumped Fletch and kicked both of them out of the house, crying.

New Family

Sasha's father-daughter dinner with Leo is interrupted by a woman crashing through a window. She turns up with two teenagers and Sasha is confused. She then finds out that the woman is Valerie Holden whom her father had an affair with while being with Diane and the two teenagers are her half brother and sister Danny & Lauren. Initially, she did not get on well with either of them, but while Danny befriended Calvin, Sasha and Lauren did not bond so easily, particularly over Lauren's love for her tarantula. When Fletch wrote a song to try to win Sasha back, he sought Lauren's help. In the end, the two ended up bonding over laughing at how stupid the song was and Sasha ended up kicking him out. Amy reconciled Sasha and Michaela when they were fighting over the Fletch drama.

Fletch has now taken up drugs and offered Josh and Sasha them, but they were too busy with coursework and refused. Later that night, Valerie (Danny and Laurens mum) took Sasha out clubbing. This resulted in Katy and Val having a fight and Sasha and Val being thrown out. Sasha and Val were then arrested by Calvin and spent one night in the cells.


After overhearing an argument between Valerie and Leo when he calls her boring she gets upset and leaves to find Fletch with some weed. Sasha then takes the weed asking Fletch for a light.

During Niall Rafferty's party Sasha and Fletch took some Speed. Before Sasha and Fletch took the speed they thought the party was boring but a few minutes after they took the speed they were seen dancing wildly. After this Sasha had an experience which saw her Dad going mad at her for taking speed, although really Sasha's Dad had no idea she had taken any drugs. Sasha then complained that her heart was beating extremely fast and would not stop, she also complained her jaw and stomach was hurting. Sasha was then sick in the street, Lauren found her and guided her home.

On 11 February, Sasha and Calvin had an argument after he caught her smoking weed with Fletch, and Sasha started mocking him and Carmel. Things turned violent when Calvin pushed Sasha causing her to bang her head on the wooden staircase.

After Calvin hit Sasha's head on the staircase, Sasha moved out of the Valentine's and into Amy and Ste's. Fletch moved into Amy and Ste's flat too. Sasha and Fletch decided to take heroin. But the morning after they took the heroin Sasha and Fletch suffered a massive comedown in Amy and Ste's bathroom. Ste found out and chucked Sasha and Fletch out the flat for taking the heroin. After this Sasha moved back in with the rest of the Valentine's and Fletch moved back in with his family.

Recently, Leo caught Sasha in bed with Fletch. The next day Sasha buys heroin from a drug dealer named Nige, and Sasha and Fletch both take the heroin. Sasha and Fletch suffer a painful comedown in Sasha's bedroom and Sasha is sick and suffers from nausea and paranoia whilst Fletch feels dizzy and sleepy.

On 23 April 2008 Sasha was dumped by Fletch and she then went round to Ste's an asked him for heroin. Sasha up until now has only smoked heroin but this time she wanted to inject the heroin. Sasha asked Ste to inject the heroin into her wrists, so Ste injects Sasha with heroin but Sasha soon collapses. Ste panics and drags the unconscious Sasha into the village and leaves her in a trolley in a alleyway. Calvin finds Sasha and she was rushed to hospital. The following day Sasha woke up in hospital and was confronted by Calvin. The next day Sasha was allowed out of hospital.

To fund their heroin habit Sasha and Fletch have started stealing from locals including friends and family. Fletch tried to rob Drive 'n' Buy but was caught by Josh, whilst Sasha stole possessions from her brother Danny to fund her heroin habit. Recently Sasha and Fletch stole a laptop from school using Leo's keys. However they were caught by Lauren and were forced to give the laptop back.

On 4 June 2008 Sasha became desperate for more heroin and resorted to having sex with Nige (Sasha and Fletch's drug dealer) for drugs. Nige promised that he would give Sasha more drugs if Sasha had sex with him. Sasha agreed to the deal and Sasha and Nige had sex in a car, afterwards Sasha asked for her drugs that Nige promised her but Nige had lied and left Sasha with nothing leaving her feeling cheap and dirty. Nige then told Fletch about him and Sasha, Fletch then dumped Sasha and refused to give her heroin which she was desperate for. Sasha then saw Fletch slumped in an alleyway barely concious after he had just finished a fix, Sasha still desperate for more heroin searched through Fletch's bag and pockets looking for heroin she could steal. Sasha found nothing and left Fletch in the alleyway.

Fletch, now isolated from his family and friends, asked Sasha to run away to London with him ,however, Sasha turned down the offer due to loyalty to her family. However, Fletch left anyway.

However, Sasha has finally overcome her drug use, with the help of her family.On the day Sasha got her exam results back, Fletch turned up out of the blue and convinced Sasha he was clean. In the park, he was talking to her when she discovered marks on his hands, discovering he had been injecting himself with herion. Distressed, Fletch pushed Sasha over, mugged her then ran off, possibly for good.

Sasha was also a bridesmaid for newly weds Carmel Valentine and her brother Calvin Valentine. She got into an arguement with Mercedes, after Mercedes said "Well, at least your dress isn't 'Heroin Chic' " referring to Sasha's old addiction, where Sasha pulled a shocked face, then stormed after Mercedes.

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