Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire can refer to:

Natural world

* Pacific Ring of Fire, a region ringing the Pacific Ocean that is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity
* An annular solar eclipse
* A United States colloquial term for a high-amplitude jet stream pattern across the northern tier of states during the summer months, usually resulting in a widespread area of daytime convection


* "Ring of Fire" (song), a song famously performed by Johnny Cash, written by June Carter and Merle Kilgore
* "", an album by Johnny Cash which, despite its name, was not strictly a best of album as it featured the first ever recording of the famous song of the same name
* "Ring of Fire" (musical), a musical theatre production in March 2006 on Broadway on the life of Johnny Cash


* "Ring of Fire" (series), a series of alternate history books by Eric Flint & other authors which explore the impact of modern technology transposed into the 17th century, by means of a 'Ring of Fire' event
** "Ring of Fire" (anthology) and "Ring of Fire II"; two books of short stories edited by Eric Flint, as a part of the above series
* "Ring of Fire" (Buffy comic)
* Narya, one of the Three Rings of Elvenkind in J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth


*"", a movie about the boxer Emile Griffith
*"Ring of Fire" (1961 film), a film directed by Andrew L. Stone
*"Ring of Fire" (1991 film), an IMAX documentary narrated by Robert Foxworth about Lawrence Blair's research into the volcanoes and earthquakes around the Pacific Ring of Fire
*"Ring of Fire" (film series), a trilogy of martial arts films made in the early 1990s, starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson
*"Ring of Fire" (film series), a 1988 series of documentaries by Lawrence Blair and Lorne Blair about their voyages in Indonesia
**"Ring of Fire" (book), a tie-in to the film series

Radio and TV

* "Ring of Fire" (radio program), a weekly radio program on the Air America Radio network that is hosted by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Mike Papantonio
* "Ring of Fire" (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode)


* The "Ring of Fire", a group of United States firearms manufacturers, such as Bryco Arms/Jennings Firearms/Jimenez Arms, who produce many low-priced firearms, such as the Raven Arms MP-25, that are known in slang usage as Saturday night specials.


* Ring of Fire / Larson Fireball, a carnival ride
* Ring of Fire (game), a drinking game using cards a glass and punishments, invented at Keele university by a group of students living in hawthorns halls block G, it has now become common with all students around the country.
* Ring of Fire Studios, a visual effects, animation, and digital post production studio

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