Rowing at the 2004 Summer Olympics - Men's double sculls

Rowing at the 2004 Summer Olympics - Men's double sculls

These are the results of the men's double sculls competition in rowing at the 2004 Summer Olympics. In a sculling boat, each rower has two oars, one on each side of the boat.



Fourteen boats raced in three heats on August 14. The top three boats in each heat advanced to the semifinals, and the remaining boats moved to the repechage.

*SF denotes qualification to semifinal
*R denotes qualification to repechage

;Heat 1
#flagIOC|FRA|2004 Summer (Sébastien Vieilledent, Adrien Hardy) 6:45.76 SF
#flagIOC|CZE|2004 Summer (Milan Dolecek Jr., Ondrej Synek) 6:50.67 SF
#flagIOC|AUS|2004 Summer (Brendan Long, Peter Hardcastle) 6:52.34 SF
#flagIOC|GER|2004 Summer (Rene Bertram, Christian Schreiber) 6:58.22 R
#flagIOC|CUB|2004 Summer (Yosbel Martinez Hechevarria, Yoennis Hernandez Arruez) 7:02.95 R

;Heat 2
#flagIOC|ITA|2004 Summer (Rossano Galtarossa, Alessio Sartori) 6:40.82 SF
#flagIOC|GBR|2004 Summer (Matthew Wells, Matthew Langridge) 6:48.13 SF
#flagIOC|USA|2004 Summer (Aquil Abdullah, Henry Nuzum) 6:52.34 SF
#flagIOC|POL|2004 Summer (Michal Jelinski, Adam Wojciechowski) 7:00.38 R
#flagIOC|HUN|2004 Summer (Akos Haller, Gabor Bencsik) 7:05.20 R

;Heat 3
#flagIOC|SLO|2004 Summer (Luka Špik, Iztok Čop) 6:45.26 SF
#flagIOC|NOR|2004 Summer (Nils-Torolv Simonsen, Morten Adamsen) 6:49.90 SF
#flagIOC|EST|2004 Summer (Leonid Gulov, Tõnu Endrekson) 6:58.80 SF
#flagIOC|LTU|2004 Summer (Kestutis Keblys, Einaras Siaudvytis) 7:07.13 R


The five boats that did not qualify for the semifinals directly from the heats raced in a single repechage race on August 17. The top three boats qualified for the semifinals.

*SF denotes qualification to semifinal
#flagIOC|HUN|2004 Summer (Akos Haller, Gabor Bencsik) 6:15.60 SF
#flagIOC|CUB|2004 Summer (Yosbel Martinez Hechevarria, Yoennis Hernandez Arruez) 6:16.38 SF
#flagIOC|GER|2004 Summer (Rene Bertram, Christian Schreiber) 6:16.94 SF
#flagIOC|POL|2004 Summer (Michal Jelinski, Adam Wojciechowski) 6:17.51
#flagIOC|LTU|2004 Summer (Kestutis Keblys, Einaras Siaudvytis) 6:24.56


Twelve boats raced in two semifinals on August 18.
*FA denotes qualification to final A
*FB denotes qualification to final B

;Semifinal A
#flagIOC|ITA|2004 Summer (Rossano Galtarossa, Alessio Sartori) 6:11.49 FA
#flagIOC|FRA|2004 Summer (Sebastien Vieilledent, Adrien Hardy) 6:12.40 FA
#flagIOC|USA|2004 Summer (Aquil Abdullah, Henry Nuzum) 6:14.69 FA
#flagIOC|NOR|2004 Summer (Nils-Torolv Simonsen, Morten Adamsen) 6:14.69 FA
#flagIOC|GER|2004 Summer (Rene Bertram, Christian Schreiber) 6:20.70 FB
#flagIOC|AUS|2004 Summer (Brendan Long, Peter Hardcastle) 6:22.69 FB

;Semifinal B
#flagIOC|SLO|2004 Summer (Luka Špik, Iztok Čop) 6:11.96 FA
#flagIOC|EST|2004 Summer (Leonid Gulov, Tõnu Endrekson) 6:12.80 FA
#flagIOC|CZE|2004 Summer (Milan Dolecek Jr., Ondrej Synek) 6:13.65 FA
#flagIOC|GBR|2004 Summer (Matthew Wells, Matthew Langridge) 6:13.71 FB
#flagIOC|HUN|2004 Summer (Akos Haller, Gabor Bencsik) 6:23.81 FB
#flagIOC|CUB|2004 Summer (Yosbel Martinez Hechevarria, Yoennis Hernandez Arruez) 6:24.54 FB


Final B was raced on August 19 and determined placings 8-12 in the event. Final A was raced on August 21 and determined the medal winners.

;Final A
#flagIOC|FRA|2004 Summer (Sebastien Vieilledent, Adrien Hardy) 6:29.00
#flagIOC|SLO|2004 Summer (Luka Špik, Iztok Čop) 6:31.72
#flagIOC|ITA|2004 Summer (Rossano Galtarossa, Alessio Sartori) 6:32.93
#flagIOC|EST|2004 Summer (Leonid Gulov, Tõnu Endrekson) 6:35.30
#flagIOC|CZE|2004 Summer (Milan Dolecek Jr., Ondrej Synek) 6:35.81
#flagIOC|USA|2004 Summer (Aquil Abdullah, Henry Nuzum) 6:36.86
#flagIOC|NOR|2004 Summer (Nils-Torolv Simonsen, Morten Adamsen) 6:37.25

;Final B
#flagIOC|GBR|2004 Summer (Matthew Wells, Matthew Langridge) 6:14.40
#flagIOC|GER|2004 Summer (Rene Bertram, Christian Schreiber) 6:14.97
#flagIOC|CUB|2004 Summer (Yosbel Martinez Hechevarria, Yoennis Hernandez Arruez) 6:15.37
#flagIOC|HUN|2004 Summer (Akos Haller, Gabor Bencsik) 6:15.39
#flagIOC|AUS|2004 Summer (Brendan Long, Peter Hardcastle) 6:22.57

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