New Zealand local elections, 2007

New Zealand local elections, 2007
New Zealand

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Triennial elections for all 73 cities, districts, twelve Regional Councils and all District Health Boards in New Zealand were held on 13 October 2007. Most councils were elected using the First-past-the-post voting method, but eight, of which Wellington City is the largest, were elected using STV.



Candidates' advertising in Wellington

New Mayors were elected in Auckland City[1], North Shore City, Manukau City, Christchurch[2], Rodney District, Whangarei, Far North District[3], Nelson[4], Taupo, Stratford, South Taranaki District and Buller District[5].

Voter turnouts were generally lower than normal for local body elections in New Zealand.[6][7]

Peter Chin was re-elected in the Dunedin mayoral election.

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