Burgundy (disambiguation)

Burgundy (disambiguation)

Burgundy can refer to:

Present-day regions:

* Burgundy, historical region and cultural area in France
* Bourgogne, modern-day French administrative "région" of Bourgogne
* Franche-Comté, French province and modern-day "région"

Historical states:

* Kingdom of the Burgundians (5th century – 534)
* Kingdom of Lower Burgundy or Provence (877–937)
* Kingdom of Transjurane Burgundy or Upper Burgundy (888–937)
* Kingdom of Burgundy or Arles (937–1032)
* Duchy of Lesser Burgundy, ruled by the House of Zähringen, a fief of the Kingdom of Arles
* Free County of Burgundy, or Palatinate of Burgundy, a fief of the Kingdom of Arles
* Landgraviate of Burgundy, a part of the Duchy of Lesser Burgundy
* Burgundian Circle, an imperial circle of the Holy Roman Empire
* Duchy of Burgundy, a fief of France

Other things:

* Burgundy wine
* Burgundy (color)
* Burgundy Records, a record label
* Burgundy (Stock market) an alternative stock exchange

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