Rupert (TV series)

Rupert (TV series)

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genre = Cartoon series
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director = Gary Hurst
Dale Schott
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country = CAN
language = English
num_seasons = 5
num_episodes = 65
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executive_producer = Pierre Bertrand-Jaume
Philippe Gildas
Michael Hirsh
Patrick Loubert
Robert Réa
Clive A. Smith
producer = Patricia R. Burns
Merle-Anne Ridley
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runtime = 30 min.
network = YTV
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first_aired = September 1 1991
last_aired = June 1 1997
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imdb_id = 0155445
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"Rupert" is an animated television series based on the Mary Tourtel character "Rupert Bear", produced by Nelvana, Ellipse Programmé and Scottish television, and aired from 1991 to 1997 with over 65 half-hour episodes produced. It was broadcast in syndication on YTV in Canada. In the United States, the show first aired on Nickelodeon before moving to CBS [] ; repeats of the series came to qubo's digital service in January 2007. The show was broadcast in the UK on CITV and has recentily been re-airing on the satellite and cable channels Tiny Pop and KidsCo. In Australia, the show was broadcast on the ABC public broadcasting network.

Voice actors and their characters

* Julie Lemieux - Rupert Bear (1992–1997)
* Ben Sandford - Rupert Bear (1991–1992)
* Guy Bannerman - Mr. Bear (Rupert's father)
* Lally Cadeau - Mrs. Bear (Rupert's mother) (1991–1992)
* Valerie Boyle - Mrs. Bear (Rupert's mother) (1992–1997)
* Torquil Campbell - Bill Badger
* Hadley Kay - Podgy Pig
* Keith White - Algy Pig
* Oscar Hsu - Pong Ping
* Tara Strong - Frances
* Stephanie Morgenstern - Tiger Lily
* Wayne Robson - Sage of Um
* Colin Fox (actor) - Professor
* Chris Wiggins - Kledwin Dragon, Additional Voices
* Peter Wildman - Mr. Ribbons
* Philip Williams - Additional Voices
* Allen Stewart-Coates - Additional Voices / Cedric Pig / Constable Growler
* Keith Knight - Additional Voices / Timid Snowman / Mr. Chimp
* Susan Roman - Additional Voices
* Rick Jones - Yum
* John Stocker - Additional Voices
* Debra McGrath - Additional Voices

Episode list

65 half-hour episodes were produced:

Season one (1991)

# Rupert and Pong Ping
# Rupert and the Sage of Um
# Rupert and Algy's Midaventure
# Rupert and the Purple Cakes
# Rupert and Bill in Gameland
# Rupert and Little Yum
# Rupert and the Knight
# Rupert and the Crocodiles
# Rupert and Raggety
# Rupert's Undersea Adventure
# Rupert and the Twilight Fan
# Rupert and Billy Blizzard
# Rupert and the Pirates

Season two (1992)

# Rupert and the Tumple Ruins
# Rupert and the Missing Snow
# Rupert and the Leprechauns
# Rupert in Timeland
# Rupert and the Tiger's Eye
# Rupert and the Big Small Machine
# Rupert and Uncle Grizzly
# Rupert and the Fiddle
# Rupert and Nessie
# Rupert and the Ghost
# Rupert and the Lamp
# Rupert and the Firebird
# Rupert and the Mult Gulper

Season three (1994)

# Rupert and Ginger
# Rupert and Growler
# Rupert and the Dragon Race
# Rupert and the Hedgehog
# Rupert and Ottoline
# Rupert and the Cloud Pirates
# Rupert and the Nile
# Rupert and the Lost Memory
# Rupert and the Sea Serpent
# Rupert and the Bell
# Rupert and the Carousel
# Rupert and the April Fool
# Rupert and the Clock Cuckoo

Season four (1995)

# Rupert and the Giant
# Rupert and the Wool Gatherers
# Rupert and the Marsh Mystery
# Rupert and Archie
# Rupert in Toyland
# Rupert in Dreamland
# Rupert's Roman Adventure
# Rupert in Mirrorland
# Rupert and the Crystal Kingdom
# Rupert and the UFO
# Rupert and the Mystery Isle
# Rupert and Mum's Adventure
# Rupert's Christmas Adventure

Season five (1997)

# Rupert and Jolly Roger
# Rupert and the Great Mephisto
# Rupert and the Little Bear
# Rupert and the Paper Folders
# Rupert and the Crystal Ball
# Rupert and the Sun Bandit
# Rupert and the Song Snatcher
# Rupert and Queen Bess
# Rupert and the Water Works
# Rupert and the Deep Freeze
# Rupert and the Chalk Drawing
# Rupert and the Dragon Festival
# Rupert and the Whizz Watch


:"The credits listed here are for the 1995-produced episodes. Credits from other years may vary."

* A Nelvana Production
* Based on the Rupert Characters from: The Daily Express
* Executive Producers: Michael Hirsch, Patrick Loubert, Clive A. Smith
* Supervising Producer: Stephen Hodgins
* Coordinating Producer: Patricia R. Burns
* Line Producers: Jocelyn Hamilton, Dave Beatty
* Director: Gary Hurst
* Assistant Director: Dave Pemberton
* Story Editor: Dale Schott
* Creative Consultant: Ian Robinson
* Executive in Charge of Production: Sandy Ross
* Program Consultant: Ian F. Miles
* Voice Director: Debra Toffan
* Casting Director: Jessie Thomson
* Production Supervisor: Steve Chadwick
* Production Managers: Lauri Towata, Craig R. Wilson
* Animation Supervisor: Mike Csunyoscka
* Unit Manager: Don Lauder
* Production Coordinators: E. Stephanie Kravos, Carole Lavertue
* Production Assistants: Caroline Simmons, Bonnie Chung, Joanne Boreham, Ian Baggley
* Storyboard Supervisor: David Pemberton
* Storyboard Coordinator: Allan Parker
* Layout Supervisors: Genevieve Selby, Scott Amey
* Layout Coordinator: Vivian Cheuk
* Layout Artists: Steve Remen, Fred Wilmot, Glenn Jeffs, Peter Wang, Brad Graham, Frank Ramirez, Rob Sadler, Georges C. Daigle, Kevin Klis, Ted Collyer, Terry Rotsaert, Ron Wilson, Stefanie Gignac, Peter Ventura, Tim Deacon, Mary Ann Capling, Chris Miles, Norm de Repentigny, Kevin Micallef, Gord Jackson, Kervin Faria, Andrew Ng, Harvey Lau, Tim O'Hallaran, Jeff Size, Warren Richardson
* Production Designer: Andrew Hickson
* Character Designer: Cynthia Ward
* Designers:Sasa radosavcevic, Scott Bennett, Steve Daye, Sean Jeffrey, Mark Koren, Rob Clark, Peter Yap, Peggy Hawley, Todd Sullivan, Phil Postma, Stephen Wood, Raymond Pang
* Design Coordinators: Joyce Marshall, Joanne Norman
* Key Animators: Niall Johnston, Tony Tulipano, Eva Smith, Jason Groh, Melanie Allen, Ron Migliore, Drew Edwards, Benoit Ceceyre, Ac-ran Cho, Jerry Popowich, Kevin Currie, Jeff White, Woong Chen Jeng
* Colour Stylist: Karyn Booth-Chadwick, Jennifer Lee
* Backgrounds: Derek Holmes, Michael Doraty, Mansoor Shams
* Paint Supervisor: Mary Aitken
* Technical Director: George Roy
* Video Engineers: Mike Reid, Vesna Mostovac
* Systems Director: Mac Holyoke
* Senior Compositor: David Altman
* Score by: Milan Kymlicka
* Music Produced by: Cantus Productions Ltd
* Supervising Editor: Rob Kirkpatrick
* Post Production Managers: Lan Lamon, Samara Melanson
* Supervising Sound Editor: Glenn Barna
* Picture Editors: Algis Maciulis, Richard Bond, Karen Saunders
* Dialogue Editors: Keith Traver, Sheila Murray, Mark Grosicki, Melodie Vaughan
* Sound Effects Editors: John Baktis, Eric Mattar-Hurlbut, Christopher Harris, Craig Marshall
* Music Editors: Stephen Hudecki, Peter Branton, Anthony Crea, Brian Fraser
* Pre-Production Supervisor: Rick Dubiel
* Additional Production Facilities: Hanho Heung Up Co., Ltd., Funbag Animation Studios Inc.
* Post Production Facilities: Medallion PFA, Studio 306, International Image
* Produced in Association with: Scottish Television and YTV
* With the Participation of: Telefilm Canada
* With assistance from the: Ontario Film Investment Program
* Rupert Characters ™ and ©Express Newspapers, PLC.
* Series ©1995 Nelvana Limited.
* Music ©1995 Nelvana Limited, All Rights Reserved.

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