Amdang language

Amdang language

nativename=sìmí amdangtí
states=Chad, Sudan
region=Wadi Fira

Amdang (autonym: "sìmí amdangtí") is a language closely related to Fur spoken in Chad by about 5,000 people (as of|1983|lc=on), while Ethnologue places the number in 2000 at 41,000. It is mainly spoken in Chad north of Biltine, and sporadically elsewhere in Ouaddaï. There are also small colonies of speakers in Darfur near Woda'a and Fafa, and in Kordofan in the Abu Daza district and at Magrur north of Bara. Most of the ethnic group now speaks Arabic. It is also termed Mimi, Mima, or Biltine. (The term "Mimi" is also applied, however, to several other languages of the area).

Amdang is one of the two Fur languages, which together constitute a branch of Nilo-Saharan.

The Ethnologue regards "Mimi" as possibly distinct from "Amdang"; however, the source they quote in support of the existence of Mimi (Doornbos & Bender 1983) regards the two as identical, seeing "Amdang" as simply a name given to "Mimi" in the Biltine area.


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