Seoul Subway Line 1

Seoul Subway Line 1

Infobox rail line
name = Seoul Subway Line 1
type = passenger
start = Soyosan Station (northern end)
end = Incheon, Cheonan, or Gwangmyeong Stations
stations = 192
open = August 15, 1974
owner = Korea Rail Network Authority
operator = Korail, "Seoul Metro"
linelength = 143.6
gauge = RailGauge|sg
el = "7.8km (DC 1500V)"
135.8km (AC 25000V)
Infobox Korean name
title = Seoul Subway Line 1
color = #1020b6
fontcolor = #FFFFFF

imgwidth = 120px
caption = Transfer Sign
rr = Seoul Jihacheol (Je)ilhoseon
mr = Sŏul Chihach'ŏl (Che)ilhosŏn
hangul = 서울 지하철 (제)1호선
hanja = 서울地下鐵(第)一號線

Seoul Subway Line 1 of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway links central Seoul, South Korea to Soyosan Station in the northeast, Incheon in the southwest, and Cheonan via Suwon in the south. This line covers a large part of the Seoul National Capital Area. The line first opened in 1974 between Seoul Station and Cheongnyangni Station, the only underground portion of the line (7.8 km). Commuter railway service was most recently extended to Cheonan in January 2005.

Frequent service is provided between Soyosan, Dongducheon, Uijeongbu, Cheongnyangni, Seoul, Yongsan, and Guro, where trains split between Incheon in the west and Byeongjeom and Cheonan in the south. Express trains operate from Yongsan and Seoul Stations to Dongincheon and Cheonan stations.

Most of the line's length travels along the Gyeongbu (Seoul-Cheonan), Gyeongin (Guro-Incheon), and Gyeongwon (Hoegi-Soyosan).

In June 2006, Jinwi and Jije Stations opened on the Gyeongbu Line, and Dangjeong Station (temporary name, may be opened as Hansei University Station) will be constructed between Gunpo and Uiwang Stations, also on the Gyeongbu Line. Part of the Gyeongwon Line from Dongducheon (formerly Dongan) to Uijeongbu was merged into Line 1 in December 2006.

Korea's first subway line was constructed with the technical and economic aid of Japan. However, some say that the total extent of Japanese aid was hidden from Koreans at that time.

Rapid (Express) trains

Korail operates "Rapid Trains" for long distance commuter service on Line 1. There's Yongsan-Cheonan (A rapid), Yongsan-Dongincheon, Soyosan-Dongincheon, Seoul-Cheonan rapid (B rapid). Rapid train stations are marked below.


eoul Subway Line 1 (Gyeongwon/Metro/Gyeongbu/Gyeongin)

In Culture

Seoul subway line 1 is the setting and inspiration for the Korean rock musical, 지하철 1호선, by Hakchon Theater troupe based on the German musical, Linie 1 by Volker Ludwig.

Historical Timeline

1974:August 15 — Line 1 is officially opened as a system of 38 metro stations from Seongbuk (the northern terminus) to Incheon and Suwon.

1979:February 1Yuljeon Station is opened.

1980:January 5Sinimun Station is opened.:April 1Seobinggo, Hannam (from the Gyeongwon line by Yongsan) and Hoegi Stations are opened.

1982:August 2Seoksu Station is opened.

1984:January 1Yuljeon Station renamed Seongdae-ap Station.:May 22Sindorim Station is opened.:November 20Baegun Station is opened.

1985:January 14Seokgye Station is opened.:August 22Wolgye and Nokcheon Stations are opened.:October 18Oksu Station is opened.

1986:September 22 — 6 stations from Uijeongbu to Chang-dong are incorporated into Line 1 as a northward extension.

1987:October 5Uijeongbu Bukbu Station is opened.:December 31Jung-dong Station is opened.

1988:January 16Onsu Station is opened.:October 25Geumjeong Station is opened.

1994:July 11 — Ganseok and Dowon Stations are opened.:December 1Seongdae-ap Station renamed Sungkyunkwan University Station.

1995:February 16Guil Station is opened.

1996:January 1Hwigyeong Station renamed Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies Station.:March 28Bugae Station is opened.

1997:April 30Sosa Station is opened.

1998:January 7Singil and Doksan Stations are opened.

1999:January 29

2001:November 30Dohwa Station is opened.

2002:March 15

2003:April 30Seryu and Byeongjeom Stations are incorporated into Line 1 as a southward extension.

2004:August 25Bugok Station renamed Uiwang Station.

2005:January 20 — 8 stations from Byeongjeom to Cheonan are incorporated into Line 1 as another southward extension.:December 16:December 21Dongmyo Station is opened.:December 27Sema and Osan College Stations are opened.

2006:June 30Jinwi and Jije Stations are opened.:July 1 — Garibong Station renamed Gasan Digital Complex Station.:December 15 — 8 stations from Soyosan to Uijeongbu Bukbu are incorporated into Line 1 as a northward extension; spur line to Gwangmyeong Station is operational; Uijeongbu Bukbu Station renamed Ganeung Station.

2007:December 28Deokgye Station is opened; Junae Station renamed Yangju Station.

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