Polyot (rocket)

Polyot (rocket)

Infobox rocket
name =Polyot 11A59

caption = Polyot rocket
imsize = 150
function =Interim carrier rocket
manufacturer =OKB-1
country-origin =Soviet Union
cpl-year =
cpl =
height =30m
alt-height =98ft
diameter =2.99m
alt-diameter =9.8ft
mass = 277,000kg
alt-mass =610,000lb
stages = 1
LEO-payload = 1,400kg
alt-LEO = 3,000lb
status = Retired
sites = LC-31, Baikonur
first=1 November 1963
last=12 April 1964
launches =2
success =2
boosters =4
boosterengines =1 RD-107-8D74K
boosterthrust =995.3kN
alt-boosterthrust =223,752lbf
boosterSI =257 sec
boostertime =119 seconds
boosterfuel =RP-1/LOX
stage1engines =1 RD-0108
stage1thrust =294kN
alt-stage1thrust =66,093lbf
stage1SI =330 sec
stage1time =240 seconds
stage1fuel = RP-1/LOX

The Polyot (Also known as Sputnik, GRAU index 11A59) was an interim orbital carrier rocket, built to test ASAT spacecraft. It was required as a stopgap after the cancellation of the UR-200 programme, but before the Tsiklon could enter service. Only two were ever launched, the first on 1 November 1963, and the last on 12 April 1964. Both of these flights were successful.

The rocket consisted of a core stage, and four boosters, which were taken from a Voskhod 11A57 rocket. It was capable of delivering a 1,400kg payload into a 300km by 59o Low Earth orbit.

It is a member of the R-7 family.

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