Haman Karn

Haman Karn

Infobox animanga character
name = Haman Khan
series = Mobile Suit Gundam

caption = Haman in U.C. 0087
first = Episode 32, Unidentified Mobile Suits (MSG-Z)
last = Episode 47, Warrior, Again... (MSG-ZZ)
creator =
voiced by = Yoshiko Sakakibara (Japanese)
Valerie Howell [ [http://crystalacids.com/database/person/7508/valerie-howell/ CrystalAcids.com - Valerie Howell ] ] [ [http://crystalacids.com/database/title/884/mobile-suit-zeta-gundam/ CrystalAcids.com - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (TV) ] ] (English)
alias =
age = 20 (MSG-Z)
21 (MSG-ZZ)
born = UC 0067
death =
nationality = Axis Zeon (MSG-Z)
Neo Zeon (MSG-ZZ)
relatives =
divider = yes
aux1 name = Allegiance
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aux3 = AMX-004 Qubeley
nihongo|Haman Khan|ハマーン・カーン|Hamān Kān|sometimes called Haman Karn is a fictional character from the anime series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and its sequel Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.


As the daughter of Admiral Maharaja Khan who led the exodus to Axis, Haman took over her late father's role at the recommendation of Char Aznable, in U.C. 0082. At age sixteen she found herself in charge of this community of dispirited Zeon exiles. Despite being so young, Haman's charisma and determination allowed her to rally Axis Zeon for their triumphant return to the Earth Sphere. As regent to the young girl Mineva Lao Zabi, last of the Zabi royal family, Haman is the true leader of the Axis Zeon faction (which she later re-names Neo Zeon), based in the Asteroid of the same name. Her goals are chiefly the revival of the Zabi Family, and social reform throughout the Earth Sphere. The shrewd and ambitious Haman is a skilled pilot, a very powerful Newtype, and the ex-girlfriend of AEUG ace pilot Quattro Bajeena, also known as Char Aznable. Her personal mobile suit is the AMX-004 Qubeley, which is equipped with a miniaturized psycommu system and 10 remote weapons known as "funnels".

Haman's Axis Zeon group uses its political influence and numerical superiority to keep itself on a high ground compared to both the Titans and the AEUG, and both factions find themselves courting Axis Zeon over the course of the Gryps conflict. Negotiations with the AEUG break down when Char Aznable tries to attack Haman during their meeting. Much later, Axis Zeon betrays the Titans, leading to the breakdown of a negotiation between Haman Khan and Paptimus Scirocco. In the final showdown, Haman, Char and Scirocco engage in a 3-way battle, ultimately ending with Kamille in his Zeta Gundam showing up to fight Scirocco in his PMX-003 The-O while Haman, in her Qubeley, defeats Char in his MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki.

Although Haman usually acts like she has gotten over Char's rejection of her ideas and her affections, she tries at least twice to convince him to join Axis Zeon. Their past relationship can be seen in the manga "Char's Deleted Affair: Portrait of a Young Comet" (C.D.A.). At the end of the Gryps conflict, she appears saddened when it appears that Char has died.

During the First Neo-Zeon War, Haman seemingly becomes interested in a newtype named Judau Ashta. Ultimately, she is defeated by him during the Battle of Axis and subsequently commits suicide.

* Haman made a minor appearance in Gundam 0083.

* Char also briefly derides her in his speech to the 2nd Neo-Zeon Movement (Char's Counterattack)

* In the () game, the voice actress was Tracy Sutton.


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