Archie Corrigan

Archie Corrigan


caption=Archie Corrigan from Wolverine #5
character_name=Archie Corrigan
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut=Wolverine vol. 2 #4(February 1988)
creator=Christ Claremont

Archie Corrigan is a fictional comic book character from the Marvel Comics universe.

Fictional character biography

He is a friend of Patch and is a pilot. He owns and operates South Seas Skyways, of which he was the entire company. He lives in Madripoor.

Corrigan helps Patch out on several encounters with the criminal elements of Madripoor. Early on he works with Patch in a confrontation with governmental elements, also criminals, of Madripoor, two of whom are the powerful Nguyen Ngoc Coy and Madripoor's ruler, Prince Baran. Soon joined by Karma in "Wolverine" #6, they battle the super-powered enforcement duo of Bloodscream and Roughhouse. Archie's hand-scar, on his chest, is shown, a result from Bloodscream's aborted assault on his body. The three heroes proceed to save each other's lives multiple times.

Archie's Brother

One of his later encounters involves him asking Patch along to a competency hearing for his brother, as moral support. Archie's brother, Burt, sometimes believes he is any number of movie characters. Burt is being cared for in his own home but another relative had called the hearing. Archie believes this woman is simply after Burt's inheritance.

Archie, Patch, and Jessica Drew fly from Madripoor to San Francisco for the hearing, using old smuggling skills to avoid custom agents and other aspects of the law.

Burt, happy to see his brother, was surprisingly stable at the moment and Archie felt good about how the hearing would go. Unfortunately Burt was late to the hearing. He would arrive, fifteen minutes off schedule, crashing through the window on a horse. Everyone would believe he was having another 'episode', until a large group of fanged monstrosities followed Burt in.

Professor X

In a subsequent incident, it is learned that Professor X knows of and trusts Archie. The X-Men Cannonball, who is traveling to Madripoor, is told to contact him. He does not do so, as he is distracted by other forces.

Some time later, Archie and several of Patch's friends are slain inside Patch's bar by the forces of Nguyen Ngoc Coy and Madripoor's ruler, Prince Baran. Artificial claws were used in order to make Patch believe he did it. The two wished to frame Wolverine for the crimes. Coy and Baran soon die violently themselves.

Powers and abilities

Although he had no actual super powers, Archie was a good fighter, pilot, and smuggler.

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