Angus Reid Global Monitor

Angus Reid Global Monitor

The Angus Reid Global Monitor (ARGM) is an affiliate company of Angus Reid Strategies. It is a web-based enterprise that follows public opinion on issues related to politics, policy and sensitive topics around the globe, and tracks democratic processes on a daily basis. It counts with a large archive of over 16,000 polls, more than 330 analysis articles, and more than 300 election reviews.

ARGM was founded by Angus Reid in March 2003. The project has been nominated by in the "Ending Corruption: Honesty Instituted" competition held in June 2007. ARGM has also been featured as a source by several research institutes and media outlets, such as Intute, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, the Oxford Research Group, the Christian Science Monitor, and The Economist.

Information provided by ARGM has appeared in the Pakistan Business Recorder, the Tiraspol Times, The Tyee, the Focus Information Agency, Press TV, the International Relations and Security Network, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting and the Globe and Mail. Commentary and articles from ARGM staff have been published in the Latin America Advisor, the Ottawa Citizen, the Edmonton Journal, and the Washington Post.

In addition to its journalistic reports, the Angus Reid Global Monitor also conducts its own global surveys in partnership with Angus Reid Strategies. In August 2007, ARGM conducted three surveys to gauge what people in five countries (Britain, Canada, France, Germany and Italy) thought about the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, and the 2008 U.S. presidential election.


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