Warren Fox

Warren Fox

Infobox soap character
series =Hollyoaks

name = Warren Fox
portrayer = Jamie Lomas
creator = Bryan Kirkwood
first = April 2006
last =
born =29th March 1980 (age 28)
marital status = Engaged
spouse = Louise Kennedy
occupation = Businessman

Warren Fox is a fictional character on the long-running British Channel 4 television soap opera "Hollyoaks".

He is played by actor Jamie Lomas.

Character History

ean and Old Scores

Warren arrived in Hollyoaks in 2006 to find Sean Kennedy. Warren claimed that Sean had grassed him up causing him to serve a prison sentence in a Spanish jail. Warren demanded a sum of money from Sean as compensation. Warren was willing to write off Sean's debt in exchange for a night with his wife, Louise Kennedy. Louise refused to sleep with Warren, and told Sean that the only way to settle the debt would be to give Warren ownership of 'Evissa'. Sean agreed, and Warren now co-owns the salon with Louise.

Clare and Max

Warren's other business ventures include dealing drugs in 'The Loft' and running a protection racket.

Warren had an affair with Clare Cunningham, whilst she was still married to Max Cunningham. One of their encounters was taped by Mel Burton, which she showed to friend OB. Mel was then killed, and OB severely injured, in the explosion at the Dog in the Pond. A few months later, after Clare was exposed for unsuccessfully attempting to kill Max, OB told him about the affair and fired Warren from The Loft. Warren pretended to take the news in stride, but actually hired thugs to trash The Loft. He let Max know that he had little choice but to give Warren full control of The Loft (with Max taking the profits) unless he wanted the vandalism to continue. Max agreed. When Clare returned, she eventually forced Max to give her his part of The Loft, making Clare and Warren partners. However, it was not long before Warren and Clare fell out with each other.

Chasing Louise

Around this time, Warren and Calvin Valentine began to have a rivalry for Louise's affections, exacerbated by Warren being a mentor of sorts for Calvin's troublemaker younger brother Sonny. Calvin and Louise went out on a date, but Warren arranged it so that Calvin had to stand Louise up. Some weeks later, Louise made a date with Warren for New Year's Eve, but Calvin had him arrested for possession of stolen goods, and Warren had to spend the night in jail. Calvin and Louise then began dating. Warren still made sure he hung onto the outskirts of Louise's life by moving into the flat above Evissa she occupied.

Affair with Mercedes

When Russ Owen was dating Sophie Burton, Russ' former flame Mercedes McQueen dated Warren to make Russ jealous. Nothing came of it because Sophie was soon killed and Russ moved in with Mercedes. In January 2007, Russ contracted an STD which he mistakenly blamed on Mercedes. A hurt Mercedes slept with Warren. She soon reconciled with Russ, but Warren enjoyed teasing her with the possibility of telling Russ the truth, and as much as she liked Russ, she had enjoyed the sex with Warren enough to go back for another helping several months later, when she mistakenly believed Russ was interested in his ex-girlfriend Danni.

Helping Justin

In Feb 2007, a drunken Justin Burton confessed to Warren that he had lied about Becca Dean sleeping with him when he was only 15. In a furious tirade, Warren pointed out that Becca's new born son Charlie was having to live without his mother, and also stated that he would never send a woman (especially a pregnant woman) to prison under false pretenses, no matter what they did to him. As a result of this, Justin told the police the truth. Warren kept Justin on at The Loft, even as Justin was used as a pawn between him and Clare. Warren had complex feelings for Justin, which led to a complex relationship between them.

Killing Sean

In March 2007 Warren discovered that old nemesis Sean had returned to the village, demanding £10,000 off Louise after discovering Warren had given her co-ownership of Evissa. After discovering Louise with a black eye (Sean had hit her), Warren agreed to help Louise to get together £10,000 to pay Sean off. However, before Sean could leave the country with his money, Warren locked him in a taxi and drove off. Viewers saw on 16th April that he killed Sean in the woods, and Warren made Justin dig Sean's grave.

Warren admitted to Louise that he has feelings for her, and offered her a shoulder to cry on when Calvin Valentine dumped her. Warren and Louise had a night of passion, but the next day Louise and Calvin got back together. Louise moved out of the flat that they shared together. The next day, Warren asked Justin to move in.

Katy's Arrival

Warren's 18 year old sister Katy Fox arrived in Hollyoaks in spring 2007. Warren reluctantly gave her a job in 'The Loft', and by doing so, he is able to keep a close watch on her. He is extremely protective of her, and recently beat up and threatened to kill a man, who had touched his sister. He then convinced Louise to give her a job at Evissa. Warren revealed that he is saving money in order to send Katy to Law School in London.

It was a huge possibility that Warren was the father of Louise's unborn baby, which she had aborted due to advice given to her from Clare Cunningham.

Warren has recently been arrested after he found out about Justin and Katy from Clare Cunningham. He then stormed over to the flat only to find Katy and Justin in bed. He started to beat up Justin, with a screaming Katy begging him to stop, until two Police officers barged in and arrested him for assault. Just as he was about to leave prison some more officers came and arrested him for murder of Sean Kennedy which the police got information off Clare Cunningham which she got off Justin Burton after they talked in The Loft. Warren was released on police bail because they failed to find Sean's body during the initial search.

Who Pushed Clare?/Hit and Run

When he returned to the village he went to The Loft searching for Justin. Shortly after Clare was pushed off the balcony of The Loft in an attempt on her life, Justin was run over by a van in a Hit and Run incident which the police were treating as having been connected with the attempt on Clare's life. Warren had been sleeping with Mercedes McQueen at the time of Clare's attack, though he had been heard telling both Max and Justin that he was going to kill Clare earlier in the night. Mercedes later admitted she slept with Warren and regretted it to her sisters, Jacqui and Tina. Warren was questioned about the attack on Clare Cunningham. Although Warren vehemently denied that he was in any way involved with the attack on Clare, he immediately admitted to the police that he was driving the Transit van that knocked Justin over, stating that he did so because he had discovered that Justin was sleeping with his sister Katy. He was charged with this offence, but as the police did not have sufficient evidence to link him with Clare's attack at this time he was released on the latter charge, though told not to leave the area.

Warren went to see Justin, only to be told to push off by Katy. Katy admitted she knew that Warren committed Sean's murder. She also said she does not want to be Warren's sister any more and told him to leave her and Justin alone. She blurted out that Louise had an abortion.

Warren, heartbroken by Katy's revelations, went to find Louise, who admitted everything. Warren said he didn't have anything more to say to Louise and walked off.

He later went and saw Justin in hospital, when Katy was not there, assaulted him and told him that if Justin messes him around again, he'll get killed. Justin, crying out in pain, nodded and Warren walked off, with a smug look on his face. Fearing for his life, Justin chose to drop the hit-and-run charges against Warren.

Warren was later arrested and remanded in custody for attempted murder on Clare. While in prison awaiting trial, he was beaten by fellow inmates. He admitted to Katy he was scared.

Warren was released from prison after getting a not guilty verdict from the jury when Mercedes told the truth about the night Clare was pushed leading to Mercedes split with Russ.

Before the verdict was announced, Louise mouthed "I love you" to Warren.They later kissed, leaving viewers to wonder if they are going to become a couple.

The Loft and Katy's kidnap

After his release, Warren continued with his plans to buy the club from Clare, with Louise's help. He also slowly grew to accept Katy's relationship with Justin, because he made her happy, offering him a job once he owned the Loft. Clare made a final attempt to drive Warren and Louise apart, by telling her Warren was using her. After a violent confrontation on the same balcony she had been pushed from, Clare finally submitted and agreed to sell to Warren, for half of what it was worth. Warren retorted that she had stolen it from Max, and Clare reluctantly agreed. While leaving the Dog after signing the papers, Clare told Warren that he was stupid and that Louise, Katy and all his "friends" were just scared of him and would soon abandon him. After buying the Loft, Warren decided to throw a party. He also offered Justin the position of manager, an offer he accepted. After the party was over, both Warren and Justin were concerned that Katy had not showed up. They returned to the flat to find it trashed with no sign of Katy.

After a desperate search for her with Justin and Max Cunningham, Warren received a phone call from Clare. Clare told Warren that she was doing it to upset Justin because he had pushed her; she reminded him that he was the reason Warren had almost been sent to jail. Justin saw Warren's face and realised something was wrong; he ran away from Warren but he pursued, followed by Max. When Warren caught up he got another phone call from Clare who said that she wanted Warren to kill him; if he killed Justin he would get Katy back. Warren and Max return to the car and Warren calls asking where he should meet Clare. Later Clare bundles her hostage into her car with Warren in hot pursuit. Clare loses control of the car and it falls into water far below. Katy gets saved by Warren and Justin, but Clare slowly submerges. Max then jumped in to save Clare, but could not reach her. He returns to the surface, and Clare, flailing desperately, slowly disappears. Her body never returns, but her red jacket comes floating up. Justin and Warren comfort Katy, while Max looks at the spot where Clare Cunningham presumably dies.

Warren and Max patched up their differences after Clare's exit when Warren visited Max the next day, concerned for his well-being after the incident. Max admitted to Warren that he was finding it hard to cope with his feeling of guilt at leaving Clare behind and remorse for what his evil ex-wife had done to Warren's sister. Warren reassured Max that he and Katy both recognised that he (Max) was not to blame for the incident, and Warren insisted that Clare "only got what she deserved".

Rocky Romance, A Body Turns Up, Ste, Niall

Warren and Louise have since got back on track and even become engaged. But in the midst of Warren's plans to propose to her, the apparent corpse of Sean Kennedy has been hauled from a river and Louise is called to identify it. Warren is reluctant to accompany Louise. It turns out to be another man. Katy tried to convince Warren to tell Louise, but when Justin reminded her of how awful it was to know her brother is a murderer, Katy ran to his flat and right before he was going to talk to Louise, convinced him to stay quiet. Instead of telling her about Sean, Warren proposed to her.

After the engagement Louise becomes suspicious of Warren's seemingly dodgy phonecalls so she calls in an old friend of Warren's to test him, by offering him a life changing cocaine deal. Warren refuses, saying Louise means everything to him. Leaving Louise feeling very guilty and Warren overhearing the entire plot. After he tells her he knows during their engagement party Louise leaves in tears and goes to Evissa just as Ste Hay, (looking for revenge on Warren for taking his possessions away for buying them with Warren's credit card) is ready to burn the place down. Ste knocks her out unintentionally but cowardly leaves her to die. She is saved by officer Calvin and soon returns from hospital a week later. Warren viciously beats Ste for what he did to Louise.

When Warren sees Niall Rafferty help her he misconstrues the situation and attacks, only to get knocked on his back by a vicious hook from Niall. Louise explains that she knows Niall and Warren is left in disbelief he was knocked out by a hairdresser.

Winning The Dog

On December 20, 2007, Warren challenged Tony Hutchinson, Mike Barnes, and Darren Osborne to a poker game. Tony and 'Mike dropped out quickly, but Darren did very well for himself. Darren, who was addicted to gambling, wanted the biggest high, and bet his half of The Dog in the Pond. Warren went along, betting The Loft. Warren won. The next day, Warren told Louise he had The Dog for her as a Christmas present. Louise was upset and accused him of going back to his old ways, as well as being wrong to have risked losing The Loft. Warren insisted he had done nothing wrong. Darren went to The Loft and begged Warren to change his mind, but Warren refused. Louise asked him to at least wait until after Christmas to tell Jack and Frankie the news, but he said that would make him look weak to Darren. When he told Jack he now owned half the Dog, Jack had a heart attack. Later, after the hostage shot-down at the Dog, caused by Warrens friends, Louise felt she couldn't trust him anymore. To show he has changed, Warren gave back the pub to the Osbournes, which made Louise trust him again.

Katy's Exit & Sean's Body

On Friday 4 April 2008 Louise caught Katy and Zak snogging in the Loft toilets but after a talk Louise promised she would not tell Justin. On the same day Sean's body was found and Warren later confessed to Louise that he killed Sean, however Louise was furious with Katy when Louise found out Katy already knew that Warren killed Sean. As revenge on Katy, Louise exposed Katy's affair with Zak to Warren and Katy was furious when Louise agreed she would be an alibi for Warren on the night of Sean's death as Louise did not want Warren to go to prison and claimed she still loved Warren although Katy wanted Warren to hand himself into the police and pay for his crimes. Katy then verbally attacked both Warren and Louise saying "Oh this will be one to tell the children, oh sit down mummy and daddy want to tell you something", Katy then started hitting Warren and left in a rage claiming Warren and Louise were disgraceful and sick. On Wednesday 9 April 2008, Justin caught Katy and Zak snogging each other in the student halls at the end of the episode. On Thursday 10th April 2008, she chased after Justin, but dropped her bag. After collecting her things, she made her way to the Valentine's and banged franticly on the door, for Louise to see her. When Calvin answered, Katy pushed passed, and Louise made her way up to the door and hit the door screaming for Katy, before Calvin answered and said he'd take a message and slammed the door. Later, Katy decided she was going to leave Hollyoaks Village for good, and as she was waiting for her taxi Justin stopped her and Katy and Justin had a extremely tearful farewell. As Katy got back into her taxi Justin told her that he will always love her. As Katy was on her way out of Hollyoaks, Louise and Warren stopped the taxi and Louise violently dragged Katy out of the car and Louise confronted Katy, but Warren told Louise to let him and Katy have a talk. Warren desperately tried to persuade Katy to stay in Hollyoaks but she refused. Katy and Warren had a talk and Katy told Warren she could not cope with lying about Sean, and the person he had become because of her. Katy then got into the taxi and left Hollyoaks Village for good, leaving Warren gutted.

Mandy Richardson

Since arriving back at the village, Mandy and Louise have become wedding planners. They began by helping Carmel McQueen organise her wedding to Calvin Valentine, which then lead to Mandy helping Warren plan his wedding to Louise, without Louise knowing. The two quickly bonded, to Louise's dismay.

Although she has been told the truth about the wedding, Louise still is suspicious of them both, believing they are sleeping together. Cindy, who has her eyes on Warren, has pushed Louise further into believing this. Louise has now turned to alcohol and Mandy, and Warren, are getting sick of her behaviour.

On the 15th of September, during a drugs raid at The Loft, Warren hugged Mandy and a drunken Louise flipped. She accussed them both of sleeping together and Mandy told her to sober up before storming away.

After Calvin and Carmel's wedding, Warren and Mandy were left in the Loft alone. Warren told Mandy, that the cleaner will sort out the mess and that Mandy should head home. She made it all the way to the steps before turning around and asking Warren if he wanted her to go and he said no and they then made out on the table.

After the credits, Louise was seen drunkenly, stumbling up the stairs leading to the loft.

Sometime next week, Mandy sleeps with Warren, and Cindy finds out.

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