The Zyurangers

The Zyurangers

The Zyurangers are a group of fictional characters who are the protagonists of the Super Sentai series "Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger". They are the five greatest warriors of the five ancient tribes. Barza called them the Holy Warriors of Justice. The first five went into suspended animation to be ready in the event Bandora escaped her prison, while Burai followed them to get his revenge on Geki. Although they are still alive, they are now in Heaven with Barza and their Guardian Beasts, hoping to return to Earth when they are needed again.



/ nihongo|MammothRanger|マンモスレンジャー|ManmosuRenjā: The nihongo|Warrior of Wisdom|知恵の戦士|Chie no Senshi. 27-year old. He was the serious member although was also caring and good-hearted. He had an older sister named Otome, whose death by Bandora made him vow to avenge her. He is the only member who can read their ancient writing. His Guardian Beast is ZyuMammoth.
*Legendary Weapon: nihongo|'Mothbreaker|モスブレイカー|'Mosubureikā
*Attacks: "Power Crush", "Mothbreaker Change Attack"
*Actor: Seiju Umon (credited as Aohisa Takayasu)
**Birthday: May 2, 1967
*Suit Actor: Naoki Ōfuji
**Birthday: August 5, 1965


nihongo|Etof Tribe Knight Dan|エトフ族ナイト·ダン|Etofu Zoku Naito Dan / nihongo|TriceraRanger|トリケラレンジャー|TorikeraRenjā: The nihongo|Warrior of Courage|勇気の戦士|Yūki no Senshi. 19-year old. Young warrior with much lack of discipline. Liked to help troubled people but sometimes got carried away. He was impressed by modern-day technology and worked part-time to buy a computer. He was something of a flirt. His Guardian Beast is Triceratops.
*Legendary Weapon: nihongo|Tricerance|トリケランス|Torikeransu
*Attacks: "Jump Attack", "Tricerance Typhoon"
*Actor: Hideki Fujiwara
**Birthday: October 18, 1971
*Suit Actor: Shōji Hachisuka
**Birthday: August 27, 1962


nihongo|Daim Tribe Knight Boi|ダイム族ナイト·ボーイ|Daimu Zoku Naito Bōi / nihongo|TigerRanger|タイガーレンジャー|TaigāRenjā: The nihongo|Warrior of Hope|希望の戦士|Kibō no Senshi. He was the youngest of the team, 15 years old. The most agile member, Boi was gifted with stealth abilities. Bad at cooking. Hates carrots. His Guardian Beast is SaberTiger.
*Legendary Weapons: nihongo|Saber Daggers|サーベルダガー|Sāberu Dagā
*Attacks: "Pinpoint Thrust", "Saber Daggers Lightning Shoot"
*Actor: Takumi Hashimoto
**Birthday: November 22, 1976
*Suit Actor: Hirofumi Ishigaki
**Birthday: February 20, 1963


nihongo|Risha Tribe Princess Mei|リシヤ族プリンセス·メイ|Rishiya Zoku Purinsesu Mei / nihongo|PteraRanger|プテラレンジャー|PuteraRenjā: The nihongo|Warrior of Love|愛の戦士|Ai no Senshi. She was the only female member of the team. 17 years old. Although being young, she has a very strong sense of responsibility. Lover of nature and children. Liked fashion and changed her hairstyle very often. Her Guardian Beast is Pteranodon.
*Legendary Weapon: nihongo|Ptera Arrow|プテラアロー|Putera Arō, a bow that can not only shoot arrows but can also be utilized as a double-sided sword
*Attacks: "Turn Off Attack", "Rolling Arrows"
*Actress: Reiko Chiba
**Birthday: January 8, 1975
*Suit Actor: Kiyohito Nakagawa
**Birthday: Unknown


nihongo|Burai|ブライ|Burai / nihongo|DragonRanger|ドラゴンレンジャー|DoragonRenjā: The nihongo|Warrior of Power|力の戦士|Chikara no Senshi. Another warrior who was in suspended animation in a cave outside of town. Eldest member of the team, 31 years old, and the strongest. He was resurrected by Gnome's grandson and attacked the Zyurangers, arrogantly calling himself a "Yamato Tribe Prince". Geki soon learned that Burai was his older brother, the son of the Black Knight. Burai was about 8 years old when Geki was a baby. Their father, the Black Knight, was a prideful man who showed utter disrespect to his monarch, Yamato King. The childless King, rather than executing him, penalized the Knight with his younger son, Geki, adopting the boy as his heir. The Black Knight was unable to come to terms with this loss and led a rebellion to take back Geki only to be killed in a duel by the Yamato King. Burai, witnessing his father's death, swore revenge by stealing the Yamato Tribe’s Dragon Armor treasure and vowed to kill his younger brother, who he blamed for their father's death. Burai eventually made peace with Geki and joined the team, helping every once in a while. It turned out that Burai's life was limited; his sleep chamber had caved in and crushed him, but the Dinosaur Gods had Clotho brought him back to life so he can be given Zyusouken, as Dragon Caesar would be needed by the Zyurangers. Hence he only had a short time to live, but his lifespan wouldn't decrease as long as he didn't leave the special Lapseless Room Clotho showed him. Eventually the Lapseless Room was destroyed by Bandora. During his eventual death, he passed to Geki his Zyusouken and the Dragon Armor. In the finale, Burai's spirit appeared before the Zyurangers to tell them that the Guardian Beasts were in Bandora's Magic Realm.
*Weapon: nihongo|Zyusouken|獣奏剣|Jūsōken|"Beast Play Sword". The Zyusouken can be used by Burai to command and control Dragon Caesar. Burai could also use it to teleport himself from the Lapseless Room to where ever a battle took place.
*Attacks: Burai could cross his Zyusouken and Geki's Ryuugekiken or Hellfriede for an energy blast. And as seen in episode 27, Burai can also fire a beam from the blade on the Zyusouken. Four songs have been played on it.
*Due to prolonging his life, Burai would appear either seldom during episodes (after episode 22) or not appear at all. He takes part in the battles in: Episode 23-25, 27, 29, 31, 34, 37-42.
**Episodes 31, 34, 41-42 show him participating the most (whereas his main appearances just have him summoning Dragon Caeser).
**While not involved in battles, he appears in Geki's dream in episode 32, and appears in spirit before the Zyurangers in episode 49.
*Actors: Shiro Izumi, Hisashi Sakai (young)
**Birthdays: May 6, 1961 (Izumi), April 5, 1981 (Sakai)
*Suit Actors: Seiji Takaiwa and Yasuhiro Takeuchi
**Birthdays: November 3, 1968 (Takaiwa), March 8, 1969 (Takeuchi)


*nihongo|Dino Buckler|ダイノバックラー|Dainobakkurā: Each Ranger wears a Dino Buckler which is a detachable golden buckle placed on each Zyuranger's waistband. The Dino Buckler is two-sided: the folded grip-side is out before the Zyurangers transformation, and the side showing the coin on which the figure of his/her own Guardian Beast is carved after. The Zyuranger transform by removing the Buckler from the belt and shouting "Dino Buckler!". Before the transformation, the Dino Buckler can be used in battle as a knuckle cover. The coin is the vital source of Zyurangers power; it stores nihongo|Gaiatron|ガイアトロン|Gaiatoron energy, a mysterious and perpetual power-source derived from mother nature. With its internal energy, the coin also has the power to heal a wounded person. While inside their Guardian Beasts, the Zyurangers can turn their coins into Dinocrystals which help in the transformation process of Daizyujin or Gouryuujin. Burai's dino buckler was gold, and was called the Dragon Buckler.

*nihongo|Legendary Weapons|伝説の武器|Densetsu no Buki: Five weapons found in the five necks of a dragon slain. They were placed inside a castle on the Continent of Depair within the Underworld. Those that attempted to get the weapons were turned to stone due the land's curse that effects those who submit to depair or remain on the Continent for more than a day. The Zyurangers managed to obtain the weapons before they were petrified and broke the curse. The Zyurangers use them in human and ranger forms, with the Legendary Weapons changing to stronger, more colorful forms when Zyurangers henshin. Though each weapon is powerful on its own, when all five are combined the powerful nihongo|Howling Cannon|ハウリングキャノン|Hauringu Kyanon is formed. The Howling Cannon is often used to finish off the human-sized Dora Monsters.

*nihongo|Dragon Armor|ドラゴンアーマー|Doragon Āmā: Golden collar that was originally the Yamato Kingdom's most prized treasure until it was stolen by Burai. The Dragon Armor was worn by Dragon Ranger until Burai gave it to Geki upon his death. The Dragon Armor enhances one's abilities up to forty times when worn and can repel any energy attack, even King Brachion's.

*nihongo|Ranger Slinger|レンジャースリンガー|Renjā Suringā: Each Thunder Slinger can be combined with the Ranger Gun to form a mightier blaster called the Ranger Slinger. When the Zyurangers shoot their Ranger Slinger simultaneously to the target, the combined attack is the nihongo|"Ranger Slinger Final Shot"|レンジャースリンガー・ファイナルショット|Renjā Suringā Fainaru Shotto, which brings critical damage to enemies, even to giant-sized Dora Monsters.
**nihongo|RangerStick|レンジャースティック|Renjā Sutikku: Other than being used individually, the RangerSticks are used together in the nihongo|"Babel Attack"|バベルアタック|Baberu Atakku. The five Zyurangers form a tower, bring the tips of each RangerStick toward the center, and then shoot the combined, powerful shock-wave. In nihongo|Ranger Gun|レンジャーガン|Renjā Gan mode, they fire strong Gaiatron lasers. The nihongo|Ranger Sword|レンジャーソード|Renjā Sōdo is powered with the super-frequency energy of Gaiatron.
**nihongo|Thunder Slinger|サンダースリンガー|Sandā Suringā: Obtained in #29, the Thunder Slinger, is a slinger-shaped blaster, and is a common weapon for the Rangers. By pulling and releasing the energy shaft in the back of Thunder Slinger, the Zyurangers can shoot the energy arrows from the upper muzzle and smash enemies. They can also shoot paralyzing beams from two lower muzzles.
*nihongo|Dinosaur Eggs|恐竜の卵|Kyōryū no Tamago: After the war ended, heads of the five ancient tribes put a pair of dinosaur eggs in a chest and sent it off to sea, hoping for a safer place and time for dinosaurs. The chest drifted over to Daros Island, where Apelo tribes reside; the Guardian Beasts appeared to Apelos and entrusted them to protect the eggs until the Zyurangers returned to this world and receive them. After so many attempts by Bandora to use for her own evil deeds, the Zyurangers finally claimed the eggs and sent them to King Brachion to incubate the eggs inside his body. In a book called "Dino Apocalypse", it tells that the eggs are the last pair of dinosaurs on Earth, and if they were destroyed, the dinosaurs would be become extinct from this world and Daizyujin will lose his major power source and might even die as well. After Dora Talos' destruction, the eggs finally hatch into two Tyrannosaur hatchlings and are now in the care of dinosaur-lover Satoshi and his friends.

Zaurer Machines

The Zyurangers own three special motorcycles. The Zaurer Machines are:
*nihongo|Roadzaurer 1|ロードザウラー1|Rōdozaurā Wan: Geki/TyrannoRanger's motorcycle. It is equipped with a powerful machinegun in front, and can run up to 320 km/h.
*nihongo|Sidezaurer 2|サイドザウラー2|Saidozaurā Tsū: Goushi/MammothRanger's motorcycle, with a sidecar for Boi/TigerRanger. It is equipped with two mini-cannons in front, and can run up to 280 km/h.
*nihongo|Sidezaurer 3|サイドザウラー3|Saidozaurā Surī: Dan/TriceraRanger's motorcycle, with a sidecar for Mei/PteraRanger. It is equipped with two mighty machineguns in front, and can run up to 300 km/h.

Guardian Beasts

The nihongo|Guardian Beasts|守護獣|Shugojū are avatars of the Dinosaur Gods, who were all originally one entity; as God. Even though the Guardian Beasts are shaped as such, they are not robots. They are the agents of the ancient gods which the Zyurangers and their tribes worship. Therefore, each Guardian Beast has its own will and possesses a mysterious power which even the Zyurangers cannot fathom. The Guardian Beasts usually sometimes come when the command nihongo|"Appear! Guardian Beast, (name of the Guardian Beast)!"|現れよ、守護獣(守護獣の名前)よ|Araware yo Shugojū (Shugojū no Namae) yo is given. However, if all five Guardian Beasts are commanded, he/she must say nihongo|"Appear! Guardian Beasts!"|現れよ、守護獣たちよ|Araware yo Shugojū-tachi yo. When they first get in their cockpits, the Rangers give out command nihongo|"(Name)Ranger! Guardian Beast (name)! Combine!"|(名前)レンジャー!守護獣(守護獣の名前)!合進!|(Namae) Renjā! Shugojū (Shugojū no Namae)! Gasshin!. The Guardian Beasts, when not in use, can sometimes speak to the Zyurangers in their spirit forms in the sky, as either the seven separate Beasts, Daizyujin, Gouryuujin, Ultimate Daizyujin, or from their altars at the Sakura Mansion. Now all seven of the Guardian Beasts are in Heaven with the Zyurangers and Barza.

*nihongo|Ultimate Daizyujin|究極大獣神|Kyūkyoku Daijūjin|"Ultimate Great Beast God": When Zyutei Daizyujin and King Tanker are combined from the command nihongo|"Ultimate Fusion"|究極合体|Kyūkyoku Gattai, the colossal Ultimate Daizyujin is formed. Although it was the last to be introduced, it is the original form of God, and the mightiest form in all Guardian Beast combinations. Ultimate Daizyujin's finishing move is nihongo|"Gran Punisher"|グランパニッシャー|Guran Panisshā, a massive barrage of energy. It has immense power, enough to kill Great Satan and Kai in the finale.
**nihongo|Zyutei Daizyujin|獣帝大獣神|Jūtei Daijūjin|"Beast Emperor Great Beast God": Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar can combine to form Zyutei Daizyujin by the command of nihongo|"Zyutei Fusion"|獣帝合体|Jūtei Gattai. It attacks its enemies with a blast of mighty beams called the nihongo|"Kaiser Burst"|カイザーバースト|Kaizā Bāsuto. Its finisher is nihongo|"Empire Attack"|エンパイアアタック|Enpaia Atakku, a massive ball of energy blazen with a "Z" on it.
***nihongo|Daizyujin|大獣神|Daijūjin|"Great Beast God": The combined form of the five primary Guardian Beasts. Daizyujin is first formed as nihongo|Beast Tank: DinoTanker|獣戦車ダイノタンカー|"Jūsensha: Dainotankā" from the command nihongo|"Combine, Dino Mission"|合体・ダイノミッション|Gattai Daino Misshon, and then into Daizyujin from the command nihongo|"Invoke! Daizyujin"|発動! 大獣神|Hatsudō! Daijūjin. As DinoTanker, he attacks enemies with its two powerful cannons, the nihongo|"Beast Tank Cannons"|獣戦車キャノン|Jūsensha Kyanon, or with laser blasts from the eyes of each Guardian Beast called the nihongo|"Beast Tank Storm"|獣戦車ストーム|Jūsensha Sutōmu. Daizyujin has his own will as an agent of the Gods, and sometimes gives challenges or suggests the right directions for the Zyurangers to help their quest to be real heroes. He wields the Mammoth Shield, which can fire energy beams from its eyes and the nihongo|Dinosaur Sword: Godhorn|恐竜剣ゴッドホーン|"Kyōryū-ken: Goddohōn", which he uses in his nihongo|"Super Legendary Lightning Cut"|超伝説雷光斬り|Chō Densetsu Raikō Giri attack. Daizyujin can also fire energy beams from his eyes and his forehead. Daizyujin's power helped to power up GaoKing in "Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai".
****nihongo|Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus|守護獣 ティラノザウルス|Shugojū Tiranozaurusu: First Guardian Beast to be awakened. Bigger and stronger than the other primary Guardian Beasts, it has finished several giant Dora Monsters with its nihongo|"Tyranno Sonic"|ティラノソニック|Tirano Sonikku shockwave. It is also able to stand on its tail to deliver jump kicks to its enemy. Helped out in "Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai". When Tyannosaurus is called upon, he comes from under the earth. Forms Daizyujin's head and body.
****nihongo|Guardian Beast ZyuMammoth|守護獣 ジューマンモス|Shugojū JūManmosu: It can blow glacial gas called nihongo|"'Moth Blizzard"|モスブリザード|'Mosu Burizādo of -200 °C from the trunk to freeze enemies. When ZyuMammoth is called upon, he comes from a glacial area. Forms Daizyujin's arms, back and shield, or DinoTanker's cannons and chest.
****nihongo|Guardian Beast Triceratops|守護獣 トリケラトプス|Shugojū Torikeratopusu: Its two horns can be shot to capture the enemies with chains. It is also equipped with two nihongo|"Tricera Cannon"|トリケラカノン|Torikera Kanon on the tip of its tail. When Triceratops is called upon, he comes from a desert area. Forms Daizyujin's left leg.
****nihongo|Guardian Beast SaberTiger|守護獣 サーベルタイガー|Shugojū SāberuTaigā: Its running speed excels that of all the other Guardian Beasts. It also has two mighty laser gun called the nihongo|"Saber Gun"|サーベルガン|Sāberu Gan on its tail. When SaberTiger is called upon, he comes from a jungle area. Forms Daizyujin's right leg.
****nihongo|Guardian Beast Pteranodon|守護獣 プテラノドン|Shugojū Puteranodon: It is the only Guardian Beast with flying ability, and its flying speed can go as high as Mach 2.5. It emits nihongo|"Ptera Beam"|プテラビーム|Putera Bīmu from its wings. When Pteranodon is called upon, she comes from a volcano. Forms Daizyujin's chest, or DinoTanker's topmost area.
***nihongo|Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar|守護獣 ドラゴンシーザー|Shugojū Doragon Shīzā: Called "Caesar" for short, its superb combat ability matches that of Tyrannosaurus, who always comes at the sound of the Zyusouken's summoning melody, coming up from Tokyo Bay. Dragon Caesar can also hold his own against even Grifforzer and Lamia-Scorpion. It has a strong drill on its tail, and its nihongo|"Dragon Hurley"|ドラゴンハーレー|Doragon Hārē, a blast of missiles launched from the fingertips, is powerful enough to smash giant Dora Monsters. Dragon Caesar is shown emitting a pentagon-shaped force field from the lights on his chest in design sketches, but never did so in the show. Because Dragon Caesar is controlled by the Zyusouken, DragonRanger hardly ever went into its cockpit, but during his final hour, Burai went into Dragon Caesar's cockpit for his very last fight. After Burai's death, Dragon Caesar became confused and very depressed, but he soon realized that despite Burai being gone, the other Zyurangers and Guardian Beasts still needed his help, and accepted Geki as his new master. His general body plan is notably similar to Godzilla. He can combine with ZyuMammoth, Triceratops, and SaberTiger to form nihongo|Gouryuujin|剛竜神|Gōryūjin|"Strong Dragon God" when the command nihongo|"Gattai, Dragon Mission"|合体・ドラゴンミッション|Gattai Doragon Misshon is given. It is armed with the nihongo|Dragon Antler|ドラゴンアントラー|Doragon Antorā drill that is used for his nihongo|"Super Blast Dragon God Thrust"|超爆裂龍神突き|Chō Bakuretsu Ryūjin Tsuki attack. Gouryuujin is somewhat larger and stronger than Daizyujin, although it appears to be somewhat slower. Its shape is somewhat resemblant of a dragoon. Gouryuujin can also shoot the fin on its head off as a laser, but on both occasions where the attack was used the monster caught it in flight and rebounded it at Gouryujin. Form's Gouryujin's chest and Dragon Antler as well as Beast Emperor Daizyujin's shoulder armor. Parts of him also became Brachion's chest and tail in the Ultimate Daizyujin formation.
**nihongo|Beast Knight God King Brachion|獣騎神キングブラキオン|Jūkishin Kingu Burakion: The seventh Guardian Beast, which resembles a Brachiosaurus. King Brachion is a masterless Guardian Beast. He has his own will just as the other Guardian Beasts, although he does not require a pilot. When King Brachion is called upon, he comes out of a misty forest valley, which has some water in it. He first appeared to test Geki and Burai if they were worthy of the Thunder Slingers under his guard. After that, he came to the Zyurangers' aid whenever Ultimate Daizyujin was needed when the command nihongo|"Appear! Beast Knight God King Brachion!"|現れよ、獣騎神キングブラキオン!|Araware yo Jūkishin Kingu Burakion! is given by TyrannoRanger. When his two nihongo|Tail Cannons|テイルキャノン|Teiru Kyanon are slid forward, King Brachion becomes nihongo|Super Beast Tank King Tanker|超獣戦車キングタンカー|"Chō Jūsensha Kingu Tankā" (neither the Tail Cannons or King Tanker are mentioned by name), carrying Tyrannosaurus, Dragon Caesar or any of the Guardian Beast combinations (only Daizyujin rode King Tanker in series). King Brachion can also shoot fireballs from his mouth. Later in the series, King Brachion is given the task of incubating the last two Dinosaur Eggs until they hatch, which made him a target by Bandora in the finale. Parts of him form a chest ornament and gauntlets for Ultimate Daizyujin.

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