Great Britain commemorative stamps 1970 - 1979

Great Britain commemorative stamps 1970 - 1979


Postage Stamps were first used in Great Britain on May 6, 1840, with the introduction of the world's first Adhesive Postage Stamp known as the Penny Black. Until 1924, all British stamps depicted only the portrait of the reigning Monarch, with the exception of the 'High Value' stamps (also known as the "Sea Horses" design) issued in 1913, which were twice the size of normal stamps with added pictorial design.

In 1924, the first 'Commemorative' stamp was issued for the British Empire Exhibition, there were then occasional issues over the next thirty years, when the frequency of new issues became more regular. From the mid-1960's, in most years, six to nine sets of commemorative stamps have been issued every year. PHQ Cards, postcard sized reproductions of commemorative stamps, have also been issued to accompany every new set of stamps since the mid-seventies.

British Commemorative stamps issued between 1970 and 1979.

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