Battle of the Terek River

Battle of the Terek River

Infobox Military Conflict

conflict=Battle of the Terek River
partof=Tokhtamysh-Timur War
place=North Caucasus, Golden Horde
date=April 14, 1395
result=Timur's decisive victory
combatant1= Tamerlan Empire
combatant2= Golden Horde
The Battle of the Terek River was the second major battle of Tokhtamysh-Timur War. It took place at the Terek River, North Caucasus.
Tokhtamysh cavalry attacked the right flank and the center of Timur's army. However, some Golden Horde emirs went over to Timur's side. This helped Timur defeat the left flank of Tokhtamysh's army and then the whole army itself. The victorious army of Timur pursued Tokhtamysh's, annihilating cities while staying on the Volga. The destroyed cities include Xacitarxan, Azaq, Majar, Sarai al-Jadid, Ukek.

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