Quadratic growth

Quadratic growth

In mathematics, a function or sequence is said to exhibit quadratic growth when its values are proportional to the square of the function argument or sequence position, in the limit as the argument or sequence position goes to infinity. That is, in big Theta notation, f(x)=Theta(x^2).

Examples of quadratic growth include

*Any quadratic polynomial.

*Certain integer sequences such as the triangular numbers. The "n"th triangular number has value "n"("n"+1)/2, approximately "n"2/2.

*The amount of time taken in the worst case by certain algorithms, such as insertion sort, as a function of the input length.

*The numbers of live cells in space-filling cellular automaton patterns such as the Breeder (CA), as a function of the number of time steps for which the pattern is simulated.

See also

* Exponential growth

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