Islam in Qatar

Islam in Qatar

Qatar is a Muslim-majority country with Islam as the state religion. The population of Muslims in Qatar of Qataris are all Muslims but, there high numbers of foreign workers in Qatar which varies the Muslim population. In the CIA World Factbook it says 77.5% are Muslims, with 8.5% Christians and others remain. [ [] CIA World Factbook - Qatar] . Foreign workers are well noted in the country, mainly from South Asia and Americans which constitute most of the population of Qatar.


Islam swept the entire Arabian region in the 7th century, overturning the idol worshippers. With the spread of Islam in Qatar, Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) sent his first envoy Al Ala Al-Hadrami to Al-Mundhir Ibn Sawa Al-Tamimi, the ruler of Bahrain, which extended the coast from Kuwait to the south of Qatar including al-Hasa and Bahrain Islands, in the year 628, inviting him to accept Islam. Mundhir responding to the Prophet’s call announced his conversion to Islam and all the Arab inhabitants of Qatar including some Persians living in Qatar also became Muslim, heralding the beginning of the Islamic era in Qatar. Consequently, Al Ala Al-Hadrami was appointed by the Prophet as his representative in Bahrain to collect the Jizya (religious tax). During this early phase of Islam Qatar was famous for the robes which were woven there and exported to the various places. It is said that the Prophet to have worn a Qatari robe, as did his wife Aisha. Umr Ibn Al-Khattab had a Qatari cloak patched with feather. [ [] History of Qatar]

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