Star 107.2

Star 107.2

Radio station

name=Star 107.2
airdate= November 28 1999
frequency=107.2 MHz
share= 4.4%
share as of= September 2007
share source= []
area= Bristol
format =Contemporary|owner = UKRD Group

Star 107.2 is an Independent Local Radio station in the United Kingdom, broadcasting to the City of Bristol on 107.2 MHz. It started out as Kute FM on 105.8FM in February 1998, being partly owned by Western Newspapers Ltd. Then on 26th November 1999, it became 107.3 The Eagle, a name similar to two other of UKRD's stations in Guildford and Cambridge. It rebranded in 2001 to Star 107.3 and in January 2004, the frequency moved to 107.2FM. The station plays pop hits mainly from the 1980s and 1990s with a target audience aiming towards female adults between 25-35 .Its currently the only Bristol station playing adult contemporary music 24 hours a day. The studios are in the Bristol Evening Post building on Temple Way in Bristol.

The signal comes from the Pur Down transmitter near Lockleaze in north Bristol close to the M32, which also broadcasts Kiss 101 West on 97.2FM.


Star 107.2 is a music radio station serving the City of Bristol in the United Kingdom. The station plays a mix of popular adult contemporary music , mainly from the 1980s and the 1990s with music from today.

Licence applications

In its pre-launch guise, Kute FM was a pirate radio station, broadcasting in an underserved radio landscape in Bristol- with only Radio Bristol and GWR FM being well established as well as other pirates. Kute broadcast legally as a training facility in 1995, with a further trial in February 1998 in a joint arrangement with the Bristol Evening Post newspaper group and radio group UKRD with a view to gaining a permanent licence. The Radio Authority were formally advertising licence applications for several areas in the UK- including Bristol. A total of six applied for the City of Bristol licence.
*Cabot FM (City of Bristol Broadcasting Company Ltd.)
*Future Radio Ltd
*Respec Radio (Respec Radio Ltd)
*Kute FM (Bristol Community Radio Ltd)
*Powerjam Radio
*Republic Radio

Powerjam Radio, Respec Radio and Future Radio applied with an urban music format, and these applicants felt that broadcasting legitimately would create a radio format that would be a truly local service that would serve the city's Afro-Caribbean community- which they would say are consistently ignored by the mass media.However the eight-year licence was awarded to Kute FM, in recognition of the support from UKRD and the Bristol Evening Post. It proposed a soft rock and classic soul format, with 10 hours dedicated to specialist music genres including R 'n' B and jazz. A speech minimum of 30% was also put forward with shows geared towards the Afro-Caribbean and other minority communities.


On the 26th of November, 1999 Kute FM changed name and launched as 107.3 The Eagle. The station was designed by UKRD CEO, Mike Powell and fashioned on the existing 96.4 The Eagle in Guildford, complete with logo, also owned by UKRD. Its advertising campaignwas carried out by advertising agency "The Creative Department" and posters featuring well-known lyrics from pop songs were splashed out on the back of First Buses and newspaper ads, ironically in the Bristol Evening Post and Western Daily Press, its pre-launch partners. On-air The Eagle featured a fairly lively sound complete with jingles to reinforce the new name in listeners' minds.

In 2000 The Eagle changed name to Star 107.3 with a new slogan different playlist, integrating the licence remit into an adult contemporary music format. On air disc-jockeys promised listeners they would now hear "less of the rap and constant yapping", and "less of the "wind-up calls and kiddie countdowns". with "Better Music, and More of it", however some listeners felt its on-air sound was quite similar to GWR FM in the past when it played more Hot AC music.

In 2004 Star underwent a slight frequency change to 107.2 MHz FM and a power increase to better cover Bristol. There are no plans to broadcast on DAB digital radio. They do however broadcast on the Internet from their website.

From September 2008, Original 106.5 is providing Star Bristol's local news content. It is a local add on to a national bulletin provided by Sky News Radio in London. The local news is being recorded at Original's Bristol studios and digitally transferred to Star's base in the Bristol Evening Post Building. It is then played out on 107.2 FM.


*1999- Bristol's Newest Radio Station, Bristol's Fastest Growing Radio Station
*2000- Better Music and More of it
*2004- Real Music Variety
*2005- Music to make you feel good!
*2005/6- Playing great songs others don't

Other Star radio stations

There is currently a Star radio network, all of which have similar adult contemporary and branding.
*Star 107.7- Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset
*Star 107- Cambridgeshire
*Star 107.5- Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


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