Bogan (disambiguation)

Bogan (disambiguation)

Bogan can refer to:

*Bogan, a pejorative term used in Australia and New Zealand
*Boggart or bogan, a creature in Celtic mythology
*Bogan, a term used by George Lucas in his early Star Wars drafts that refers to the dark side of the Force
*Bogan Pride, an Australian comedy television series


From "ÓBoughain" - a "Cinel mBinnigh" sept in Donegal and Waterford. [ The Irish Septs, Part One, David A. Larkin, 2007 (]

* Louise Bogan (1897-1970), an American poet
* Lucille Bogan (1897-1948), an American blues singer
* Elias Bogan, a fictional mutant character from the "X-Men" comics series
* Zachary Bogan, a learned divine from Devoshire and Cambridge, who published "Treatises on the Idioms of Homer and Hesiod, as compared with the Language of Scripture," and some devotional tracts


* Bogan River in New South Wales
* Bogan Gate, New South Wales
* Bogan Shire Council, a local government area in New South Wales
* Bogan Park in Buford, Gwinnett County, Georgia [ [ Gwinnett County, GA: Bogan Park ] ]
* Bogan Park a park in Chicago, Illinois, named after William J. Bogan, a former superintendent of schools [ [ Chicago Park District: Bogan Park ] ]
* Bogan Flats Campground - a campground in the White River National Forest in Colorado [ [ USDA Forest Service, White River National Forest - Campgrounds ] ]
* Bogan Gate General Cemetery - a cemetery in New South Wales, Australia [ [ Bogan Gate General Cemetery ] ]
* West Bogan Anglican Cemetery - a cemetery in New South Wales, Australia [ [ West Bogan Anglican Cemetery ] ]
* Bogan Computer Technical High School - a school in Chicago, Illinois [ [ Bogan Computer Technical High School ] ]


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