Norte, Cape Verde

Norte, Cape Verde
Island: Boa Vista
Municipality: Boa Vista
Distance from the island capital of Sal Rei:
about 35 km east
Atlantic Ocean (north)
around 30 m

around 200 m (western part)

Norte (Capeverdean Crioulo, (written in ALUPEC): Nórrt’) is a village in the east-northeastern part of the island of Boa Vista. The village is around 35 km southeast of the island capital of Sal Rei and it is linked with the island's major road with Sal Rei and a remote road to Estância de Baixo and Morro Negro a few kilometres to the south.


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The village is situated in the dry desert climate and it receives little or no precipitation annually. Farmlands are nearly unavailable and are mainly of cattle and rarely some fruit productions and are nearly the size of the football field and its only has about tens of farms, many foodstuffs are received from the northern and the southern parts of the nation. The area are mostly desert, the hills and its mountains lies to the west in where most of its forest lies, the plain covers to the east up to its nearest beach, the Praia das Gatas, its soil colour ranges from yellow-brown to red, the mountains are also to the west.

Other information

The village is in the island's low class. Most of the houses are built with stone and concrete, several houses are built with either steel reinforced concrete or with stone and wood, a few homes are made up of mud and brick. A part of its population are farmers and are based in agriculture. The area received no income until the mid-20th century and is the island's poorest settlement. However, a part of the needy materials comes from the island capital, the island capital and the diaspora. But for other needs, electricity, communications and appliances are nearly unavailable in the area as well as phone lines but introduced since the late-20th century. A part of the necessities also comes from the island capital.

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