Croatian Worldwide Association

Croatian Worldwide Association

The Croatian Worldwide Association (CWA) is a non-profit organization which works to promote democratic values and principles in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. The president of the CWA is Jackie Prkic, the honorary president of the CWA is General Ante Rosso.

Its mission is profoundly democratic and patriotic: to protect Croatia's national sovereignty and the legitimacy of the Homeland War, and sponsor domestic reform in order to create a viable, strong and prosperous democratic republic.

The CWA desires all public institutions to truly represent the needs and wishes of the majority of the Croatian people rather than to satisfy the self-serving and/or misguided ambitions of privileged elites. The CWA aspires to an alternative form of government than the stifling oligarchy that presently dominates Croatia. The CWA is not part of any political party, faction or ideological affiliation. The CWA is creating a global network of democratic, peaceful activists who will work together to advance comprehensive political and social reform.


The CWA's current goals and objectives are; the return of General Ante Gotovina and all other Croatian generals currently indicted at The Hague as free men to live in peace, justice and dignity in their Croatian homeland. The removal of Carla Del Ponte as the United Nations ICTY chief prosecutor. The revocation of The Hague's indictments against six Croatian journalists. The CWA is working to stop The Hague's assault on Croatia’s fledgling democratic institutions and basic press freedoms. The CWA works to promote the creation of a genuinely open, professional and independent media in Croatia that is free from government meddling or party influence. The protection of the political, economic and cultural rights of the Croatian community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The CWA wants an end to the systematic discrimination by the authorities in Sarajevo and Banja Luka against Croatians in Bosna-Hercegovina. The CWA insists on the return of all Croatian refugees to their homes and ancestral lands.

International activities

On August 5, 2005, thousands of Croatians abroad and in the homeland held rallies to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Operation Storm and to proclaim that its military commander, General Ante Gotovina, is a hero. Ante Gotovina After one year after the arrest and extradition of Croatian General Ante Gotovina, the Croatian Worldwide Association (CWA) held a rally in support of the General at The Hague, Netherlands on December 9 2006. More than 12.000 Croats around the world signed the "Free Ante Gotovina" internet petition. On April 25, 2006, Croatian Homeland Veterans began a 1,020 mile walk in Gen. Gotovina's birthplace, Pakoštane, Croatia. The veterans anticipate ["RadioFreeEurope News"] April 25, 2006 ] arriving at The Hague on June 13, the day of St. Anthony and Gen. Gotovina's name's day. On the 26 October 2006, Branimir Glavas, a Croatian parliamentarian and Lawmaker, Army General in Croatia was arrested and put into jail for alleged war crimes. The CWA and Croatian Radio Melbourne Australia (Ivica Fonti) immediately started an online petition for the release of Glavas. ["Petition for Branimir Glavas"] November 23, 2006 ] On January 27, 2007 another online petition ["Petition Domagoj Margetic"] January 27, 2007 ] was launched in support of Domagoj Margetic, a Croatian Journalist who has been charged ["Press release ICTY concerning Domagoj Margetic charges"] 28 November 2006 ] for contempt of court for revealing a list of ’protected’ witnesses in the Blaskic trial.

Domagoj Margetic

On 7 February 2007 the UN War Crimes Tribunal found Domagoj Margetić guilty of contempt of the Tribunal for disclosing protected witness lists sentencing him to a prison term of three months and a fine of 10,000 Euros. Domagoj Margetic, a Croatian freelance journalist, was found guilty of interfering with witnesses by publishing a protected witness list with names and other information on his personal website between 7 July and 2 August 2006. The Trial Chamber also found that he did so despite receiving explicit warning that the material was confidential and under court orders prohibiting publication. ["Domagoj Margetic trial"] November 30, 2006 ] Entered into evidence by Margetic's lawyer was the ICTY press briefing on the matter given on 23 August which stated "In the Jovic case, Trial Chamber III yesterday granted a prosecution motion seeking to remove an exhibit, initially made public, of two lists of witnesses in the Blaskic case identifying protected witnesses whose names should have been kept confidential." Margetic's lawyer was unable to enter into evidence material from the Jovic case itself - the lists entered as evidence in public - the prosecution apparently having not turned it over. The court adjourned whilst efforts were made to find that evidence. The prosecutor, Ann Sutherland came back saying they could not find it. ["RadioFreeEurope News"] August 23, 2006 ]

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