Silvanus may refer to:

*Silvanus (mythology), a Roman tutelary spirit of woods, apparently inherited from the Etruscan deity Selvan
*Silvanus, also called Silas, an early Christian and companion of Paul
*Silvanus of the Seventy, another early Christian and traditionally among Jesus' seventy apostles
*Saint Silvanus was one of the seven sons of Saint Felicity of Rome (2nd century)
*Claudius Silvanus, a Frankish usurper in 355
*"Teachings of Silvanus", a Gnostic text among the texts of the Nag Hammadi library, hidden in Egypt when heterodox writings were being collected and burned and rediscovered in 1945
*Silvanus Melea Otieno, posthumously controversial Kenyan lawyer
*Silvanus Trevail Cornish architect
*Silvanus (Forgotten Realms), a Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons deity

A variant, Sylvanus, may refer to:

*Colonel Sylvanus Thayer, "Father of the United States Military Academy"
*Saint Sylvanus, Bishop of Emesa in Phoenicia, martyred in the company of Saint Luke the Deacon and Saint Mucius the Lector in the persecutions of Maximian, "c." 311

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