Robert O. Mendelsohn

Robert O. Mendelsohn

Robert O. Mendelsohn, born 1952, New York City, is an American environmental economist. He is a major figure in the economics of global warming, being for example a contributor to the first Copenhagen Consensus report, and has authored/collaborated with an extensive amount of articles, as well as several books. Mendelsohn received a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University in 1973 and obtained his PhD in Economics from Yale University in 1978.

During his career, Mendelsohn has concentrated his research on valuing the environment. His dissertation included an integrated assessment model of air pollution that could measure the damages of emissions. This work has been extended in recent years to greenhouse gases, where he has been trying to measure the impacts of climate change. Recently, he returned to studying air pollution in the hope of measuring the marginal damages of emissions across the United States. He has also worked on valuing natural ecosystems, from valuing nontimber forest products and ecotourism in tropical rainforests, to coral reefs in the Caribbean and Australia, to measuring recreation in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Presently, Mendelsohn's research focuses mainly on climate change and its different implications on agriculture, irrigation and livestock, in different continents.

Mendelsohn is a fellow of Ezra Stiles College and is currently the Edwin Weyerhaeuser Davis Professor of the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University.

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