A shelf is a detail of furniture for storing items.

It may also refer to:

* Shelf (computing), a user interface feature in the NeXTSTEP operating system
* Shelf, West Yorkshire, a village in England
* Continental shelf, the extended perimeter of a continent, usually covered by shallow seas
* Ice shelf, a thick platform of ice floating on the ocean surface
* Light shelf, A reflective element placed outside of a window to enhance room illumination by natural light
* Sulphur shelf, an edible mushroom
* Shelf life, the length of time that perishable items are considered suitable for sale or consumption
* Shelf registration, a registration arrangement for the sale of securities
* Shelf (sexual health service), Peterborough, an organisation in England
* Shelf (Jonas Brothers single), a single by Jonas Brothers

ee also

* Off the shelf

Industrial Shelving

Shelving is a term used to describe more than one shelf. Shelving used in an industrial application is referred to as industrial shelving. Industrial shelving is generally composed of metal components which create a multi-level shelf system that can support a wide range of materials both in weight and in size.

Industrial shelving allows warehouse inventory to be stored more efficiently by providing organization and increased warehouse storage density. Industrial shelving is generally used in warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution, but is also commonly found in restaurants, retail stores, and offices.

The surface for each shelf level, also called the decking, come in a variety of materials including metal, wood, and wire. The type of decking is sometimes used to categorize the type of industrial shelving as follows:

* Steel or Metal Clip Shelving (all metal components)
* Boltless or Rivet Shelving (usually used wood decking such as particle board or plywood)
* Wire Shelving (wire decking)

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