The Blue Air Compressor

The Blue Air Compressor

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name = The Blue Air Compressor
title_orig =
translator =
author = Stephen King
country = United States
language = English
series =
genre = Short story
published_in = "Onan Magazine" (1st release),
"Heavy Metal"
publication_type = Magazine
publisher =
media_type = Print (Magazine only)
pub_date = January 1971
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"The Blue Air Compressor" is a short story by Stephen King, first published in January 1971 in "Onan Magazine". It was revised and reprinted in the magazine "Heavy Metal" in July 1981. King himself narrates this story (and is mentioned by name in it). This story is difficult to find, since it has never been published in an anthology.

Plot summary

Gerald Nately is a young writer who writes a short story about his friend's wife, Mrs. Leighton (no first names for the couple are given). Mrs. Leighton is an enormously obese woman, so Gerald calls his short story "The Hog." Mrs. Leighton finds the story and mocks it, saying that she was too big for him to write about her, so he shoves the nozzle of an air compressor into her mouth and overinflates her, causing her to explode. Her remains are buried under the tool shed, and Gerald flees to the Near East after retitling his story "the Blue Air Compressor." Gerald's crime is never discovered, and eventually he cuts off his own head with a guillotine (after writing several dark and misunderstood novels, essays, short stories and poems).


In the "Heavy Metal" reprint of the story, Gerald shoots Mrs. Leighton before overinflating her.

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