Taixue (Chinese: 太学) which literally means Greatest Study or Learning was the highest rank of educational establishment in Ancient China between the Han Dynasty and Sui Dynasty. It was replaced by the Guozijian. [http://www.legco.gov.hk/yr99-00/english/panels/ed/papers/711e01.pdf A Consultant Report to The University Grants Committee of Hong Kong] The first nationwide government school system in China was established in 3 CE under Emperor Ping of Han, with the taixue located in the capital of Chang'an and local schools established in the prefectures and in the main cities of the smaller counties. [Yuan, 193–194.]

Taixue taught Confucianism and Chinese literature among other things for the high level civil service, although a civil service system based upon examination rather than recommendation was not introduced until the Sui and not perfected until the Song Dynasty (960–1279). [http://www.education.monash.edu.au/centres/mcrie/docs/conferencekeynotes/yang-china-higher-ed-massification-mexico.pdf Higher Education in the People’s Republic of China: Historical Traditions, Recent Developments and Major Issues] [Ebrey, "CIHC", 145–146.]

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*Shang Xiang



*Ebrey, Patricia Buckley (1999). "The Cambridge Illustrated History of China". Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-66991-X (paperback).
*Yuan, Zheng. "Local Government Schools in Sung China: A Reassessment," "History of Education Quarterly" (Volume 34, Number 2; Summer 1994): 193–213.

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