List of ballroom and social dance albums

List of ballroom and social dance albums

This article lists of ballroom and social dance albums.

Most of them are specifically compiled with the aim of ballroom/social dancing, but some authored albums which are commonly considered highly danceable are included here as well.

This list of dance music is intended to aid partner dancing, and therefore it doesn't include most of disco music, hip-hop, rock and roll, and other highly danceable genres. Most of them deserve their own lists, see below.

Further, a number partner dancing styles such as Salsa and Swing have dedicated albums, and they deserve their own lists.

International Style Ballroom

This section lists albums specifically compiled for International Style ballroom dancing. As a rule, they contain all 10 dances of the International ballroom category. Some are separately dedicated to Standard or Latin groups of dances, others are dedicated to a single ballroom dance.

*"Superior Dancing" series
*"Tanz Orchester Klaus Hallen" series
*"Casa Musica (albums)" series
*"Giants of Latin" series
*"C.F.D." series by Ross Mitchell Orchestra
*"Best Selection For Ballroom Dancing" by Hisao Sudou and The New Downbeats Orchestra, Japan
*"Feel the Rhythm"

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