Provisional Communist Party

Provisional Communist Party

The Provisional Communist Party is a Communist political party in the United States founded by Gino Perente. The party includes much of the leadership of the National Labor Federation (NATLFED), and has between 100 and 300 core members.

The party, also referred to as the Formation, is clandestine and its exact origins and extent are obscure. There are no party publications, no conventions or leadership elections. During Perente’s lifetime he exercised full control over the party, communicating directly with members through long orations held at his Carroll Street office in Brooklyn, or through audiotapes of those speeches sent out to members running the various NATLFED entities. cite book| author=Tourish, Dennis and Tim Wohlforth| title=| publisher=M.E. Sharpe|date=2000|isbn=0765606399]

Party members do not openly acknowledge its existence. Members of the party are full-time volunteers in NATLFED entities.

Membership and history

Membership in the party is by invitation, and invitation comes to volunteers in NATLFED entities as a revelation of the existence of the party, an explanation of the party's goals and strategy, and a brief "history" of the party, called the "genesis." This story is a disorganized narrative which includes claims that the party was part of a secret International including the Communist Party of Cuba, the Sandinistas and revolutionaries in Chile and El Salvador, and that members of the Weather Underground were among its founders.Whitnack, Jeff, [ Gino Perente, NATLFED & the Provisional Party] "Public Eye", 1984, Vol. 4, Nos. 3-4.]

Klehr reports that members of the party live communally and spend all their time working for NATLFED entities.cite book| author=Klehr, Harvey | title=Far Left of Center: The American Radical Left Today| publisher=Transaction Books|date=1990| isbn=0-88738-875-2 ] NATLFED and its various entities have been described as a cult by former members, newspapers and community organizations. Kifner, John. " [ Its leader dead, fringe group lives on for its own sake] ". "The New York Times". November 18, 1996.] Enriquez, Alberto. " [ Service Groups with Sinister Ties] " "Mail Tribune" (Medford, OR) 12/1996 ]

Perente died in 1995 and Margaret Ribar is reported to have become the party's leader. Ribar reportedly relaxed restrictions that prohibited volunteers from visiting their families. Solomon, Alisa. " [ Commie Fiends of Brooklyn] ". "The Village Voice" November 26, 1996]

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