Apollodorus (disambiguation)

Apollodorus (disambiguation)

Apollodorus was a popular name in ancient Greece. It may refer to:

*Apollodorus of Athens (born c. 180 BC), historian and mythographer
*The Pseudo-Apollodorus, author of the "Bibliotheca"
*Apollodorus (painter), an Athenian painter, who lived at the end of the 5th century BC and introduced great improvements in perspective and chiaroscuro
*Apollodorus of Carystus, New Comedy playwright, 300-260 BCE
*Apollodorus of Gela, an earlier playwright
*Apollodorus of Artemita,
*Apollodorus of Damascus, 2nd century architect
*Apollodorus of Pergamon, 1st century BC rhetorician
*Apollodorus of Seleucia, Stoic philosopher of the 2nd century BC
*Apollodorus of Acharnae, son of the 4th century BC banker Pasion and subject of many of Demosthenes' speeches
*Apollodorus the Epicurean, author of the "Life of Epicurus", a work famous in ancient Greece but no longer extant
*Apollodorus the Sicilian, companion of Cleopatra
*Apollodorus of Phaleron, follower of Socrates and narrator of the dialogue described by Plato in his " Symposium"
*Apollodorus of Amphipolis, Macedonian general
*Apollodorus (runner)


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