Hank FM

Hank FM

Hank FM is the on-air brand name of several radio stations in the United States and Canada. Stations using the Hank FM brand name typically air a country music format, and promote themselves as less strictly formatted than other country music stations, airing both new country and classic country music. They generally use the slogan (He) Plays Anything Country.

The name is inspired by the "Male Name FM" trend exemplified by brand names such as Jack FM or Bob FM. The name may also be inspired by legendary country musician Hank Williams.

However, one station currently branded as Hank FM is not consistent with the format of the other stations, using the brand name for an adult hits format more similar to the Jack or Bob formats.

HANK FM Winnipeg now uses the slogan "continuous Country"

Hank FM stations

* Carmel, California - KKHK
* Merced, California - KNAH
* Gulfport, Mississippi - WUJM
* Indianapolis, Indiana - WLHK
* Kalispell, Montana - KHNK
* Phoenix, Oregon - KAKT
* Shasta Lake, California - KNNN
* Tallahassee, Florida - WEGT (adult hits)
* Winnipeg, Manitoba - CHNK

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