Winter (disambiguation)

Winter (disambiguation)

Winter is one of the four seasons of the year, and it may also refer to:

In music:
* "Winter" (concerto), "L'inverno", from Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"
* "Winter" (song), a song by The Rolling Stones
* "Winter" (Tori Amos single)
* "Winter" (Ruslana song)
* "Winter", a song by Bayside from "Acoustic CD/DVD"
* "Winter" (Jon Foreman EP)
* "Winter/Reflections", an album by Boyz II Men
* "Winter" (Steeleye Span album), an album by Steeleye Span
* Winter (band), an American band
* Winter & Winter, a record label

In literature:
* "Winter" (novel), a novel by Len Deighton
* Winter (comics), a Russian superhero from the comic book series Stormwatch
* "Winter" (book), a book by Morley Callaghan

In people:
* Winter (surname)
* Winters (surname)

In places:
* Winter (town), Wisconsin, US
** Winter, Wisconsin, US, a village within the town
* Winters, California, US
* Winters, Texas, US

In other uses:

* "Winter" (film), a 2006 horror film
* Winter (Star Wars), a fictional character from Star Wars Expanded Universe
* Winter (Fabergé egg), a jeweled Easter egg designed in 1913
* Winter, a complexion type in skin tone color matching
* Nuclear winter, a hypothetical global climate condition related to large-scale nuclear war
* Winter squash, a mature late harvest squash.

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