Communities using the Tridentine Mass

Communities using the Tridentine Mass

A list of priestly societies and religious institutes using a pre-1970 version of the Roman Missal some but not all are in communion with the Holy See. These groups are dedicated to preserving older liturgical rites of the Roman Catholic Mass. These groups are sometimes called Ecclesia Dei Communities, as they have been approved by or are seeking approval from the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.

Most of the following following groups use the pre-1970 Roman Missal, but some follow the proper Missal of the Dominican Rite or the Carmelite Rite.

Associations of men

Associations of women

  • Benedictines - Jouques
  • Benedictines - Le Barroux
  • Benedictines - Rosans
  • Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles
  • Canonesses of the Mother of God
  • Sisters of the Precious Blood - Schellenberg
  • Sisters of the Precious Blood - St. Pelagiberg
  • Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest
  • Discalced Carmelites - Valparaiso, Nebraska
  • Dominicans of the Holy Ghost - Baffe
  • Dominicans of the Holy Ghost - Draguignan
  • Dominicans of the Holy Ghost - Nantes
  • Dominicans of the Holy Ghost - Pontcalec
  • Dominicans of the Holy Ghost - Saint Cloud
  • Religious Victims of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Institute of Servants of the Queen of Apostles
  • Oasis de Jesús Sacerdote [3]
  • Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Still River, Mass.)

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